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A law has been passed about banning child marriage in India in 1929, which makes it hard to believe that India has still been doing them illegally till date. Although child marriages have been steadily declining, they still exist – which is appalling to think about because they were banned so long ago. The entire world has moved forward and abandoned its old ways, but there are some parts of India that still believe in or practice orthodox notions. The days when parents proudly invited their relatives and friends to their 9 or 17-year-old daughter’s weddings, the thought of sabotaging their child’s life not even passing their minds, were not too long ago. Little girls had to worry about impressing their husbands and wearing the heavy sarees at an age where they were supposed to decide what type of doll to play with. Sadly, this phenomenon was realized later on. However, things have turned around ever since. Child marriages declined even faster especially after the law that was passed in 2006 stated that parents can be punished for up to two years if they force a child to marry. The banning of child marriage in India has positively impacted young girls and women in India by increasing higher education enrollment, providing greater access to high level employment and relieving emotional and physical stress of childhood pregnancies.
Women in India were often discouraged to study and forced to stop studying as soon as they met an eligible match. Parents started saving money for their girl children even before they were born, only to end up spending it all on their future son-in-law – they find it appalling to spend it on education or on the future of kids. (Include love marriage being a taboo?)
However, now, women aren’t solely focused on their husbands; they’ve got new goals and careers. They are starting to explore their options and are becoming more self-aware and are more interested in what the world has to offer. (Include stats here)
The physical stress of marriage in early stages of life is severe. Girls were forced into sex and were supposed to find it normal. Husbands used to hit and harass them in order to ‘discipline them’ and the wives are not allowed to complain to anyone. They were forced to accept it all silently. They had no say in any type of conversation, even if it included their own lives’ decisions. As if forced sex wasn’t enough, women were forced to conceive as well. Their husbands decided when to get conceived, even though the changes are happening to the women’s bodies. It didn’t matter if the women were physically ready or not for kids – this caused child deaths or premature babies who weren’t healthy enough and ended up dying. This often led to the mothers being heartbroken and crying over their dead child. They end up experiencing the death of a loved family member so early on in life. They are forced to have sex long before they even understand what it is. The emotional turmoil mothers go through when husbands force them to get an abortion once they find out they’re gonna have a baby girl. Forcing young women to give birth can lead to pregnancy complexities. Moreover, the difficulties don’t stop there; after giving birth comes the biggest problem: raising the kids. It is so easy to mess the kids up mentally if they’re not taken care of properly. They’re really sensitive; how can kids take care of kids.
Parents not mature enough to take care of the kids, they’re not knowledgeable enough


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