A. Introduction Syllable is a part of a

A.   IntroductionSyllableis a part of a word that contains a single vowel sound and that is pronounced as aunit, for example, ‘bag’ has one syllable, and ‘ruler’  has two syllables. It mean that syllable is alittle thing on language. Syllables in English can be either stressed orunstressed. The stressed often called strong syllable (strong form) andunstressed also called weak syllable (weak form). It make me curious to learnmore about weak and strong form and make me want to create a  mini research about it. (Gut, 2009)First, learn about syllable especially weak and strong formmake me know how to spell the words, such as the word ‘baby /’bei-bi/’ includetwo syllables and at the initial of the word has a strong form.

On the otherhand, it can help me to improve my english language ability and help me in thefuture when I teach my students. Accordingto Ulrike Gut (2009) the internal structure of a syllable that is  thought  to  beshared by all languages  in  the world- which is represented by the symbol (J – consists of an onset anda rhyme, which in turn can be divided into a nu cleus and a coda. Syllablesthat have no consonant in the coda position are called open syllabies. Closedsyllables have at least one consonant in the coda position. the weak form  is the  one that  is usually used in connected speech.

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It can be at the midle while thestrong form can be at beginning or at the end of the word. Only when such afunction word is produced on its own or for purposes of contrast or when itappears at the end of an utterance do speakers use the strong form. Thus, in”You and I” and is usually pronounced in its weak form  ‘dn (/ju:;:mar/),  whereas in  “You AND I”  with emphasis on and it is pronounced in itsstrong form Iju:’rendm/. 0/ appears in its weak form in “One of you”IWAn’dvju:1 but in the strong form IDVI in “The woman I saw a photoof” IO’dwum’dnars;)1’df’dut’dU’DVI. So, I have done my mini research aboutWeak and Strong form by Hiro Hamada on the Movie: Big Hero 6  B.   DiscussionI have been analize the weak and strong form byHiro Hamada on the movie Big Hero 6. I found many words that weak and strongform, and this is what I found.·        I have a robot  (Weak form) ·       That wasmy first fight ( Weak form)·       I’m on a roll,big brother! And there is no stopping me! (Strong form)·       We love you, auntcass.

(Weak form)·       What? Go tocollage like you? (Weak form)·       Is thisgonna take a long (Weak form)·       Oh great, I getto see your nerd lab (Weak form)·       A robotic nurse(Strong form)·       I’m actuallyalergic to that (Strong form)·       Looks like awalkin g marshmallow (Weak form)·       I have togo here (Weak form)·       It will be(Strong form)·       I really want togo here (Weak form)·       I hope you likeit (Strong form)·       This is a microbot(Strong form)·       It doesn’t looklike much. (Strong form)·       But when its linksup with the rest of  itspals…Ø  Strong formØ  Weak formØ  Weak form·       I think what Iwant them to do (Weak form)·       They do it (Strong form)·       The applications forthis tech are limitlessØ  Strong formØ  Weak form·       What used totake teams of people working by hand (Weak form)·       For months oryears. (Strong form)·       And that’s justthe beginning (Strong form)·       If you canthink it (Strong form)·       The microbots cando it (Strong form)·       Thank you! That’senough (Weak form)·       Areyou crazy? Whatare you doing?Ø  StrongØ  Weak·       Are you done?(Strong form)·       We were at schoolall day.

Got it?Ø  StrongØ  Weak·       Yeah, heshould hhave. (Strong form)·       Now, he’sgone (Weak form)·       At the showcase(Strong form)·       And then set thefire to cover his tracksØ  Strong formØ  Weak formØ  Weak form·       We gotta catch thatguy (Weak form)·       Get him,baymax! (Weak form)·       Nothing! Justout for a walk. (Weak form)·       He stole mymicrobots.

(Strong form)·       Does thissymbol mean anything to you guyØ  Weak formØ  Weak form·       The guys in themusk was carrying something with this symbol on itØ  Strong formØ  Weak formØ  Weak formAndso on. There are a lot of weak and strong form. But until the last example wecan see the words that weak and strong form. Here, I have the total. From 50exampleof weak and strong from by Hero Hamada on the movie Big Hero 6, thereare devide into:Weakform      =  28 wordsStrongform    = 22 wordsItmeans on the movie, the weak form more than strong form.

C.   ConclussionTheconclussion is the syllable is a part of the word. The syllable can be stressedor also called the strong form and can be unstressed often called weak form.

Onthe movie Big Hero 6, I found many example of weak and strong from by HeroHamada, but I just take 50 words. And from 50 words, there are 28 words thatweak form categories and 22 words that strong form categories.


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