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A trauma nurse is a nurse that is trained especially for emergencies. Every action affects the patient in a critical way. “Skills needed are; organization skills, need to know where their tools are at and nothing can be in the way, ability to triage patients,it is important to know what to do if there is a wound or a injury of any kind. Mental ability to deal with death and dying” (Novotny). Not every person is fit to be a trauma nurse, little to no mistakes can be made. Maintaining a personal life is often difficult, being most of their time is dedicated to treating and caring for their patients. Long shifts are worked and one must always be on call and available even on days they do not have to go in. Most friends will be those that work alongside them because of how much time they spend together. In order to become a trauma nurse, there are many steps and processes one must go through and complete. For example, like most common careers, a high school diploma is preferred but a General Equivalency Diploma is acceptable if you did well. In some states they require a three year program that takes place in a type of medical field (hospitals, doctors offices etc.) to gain experience. You must go to college and obtain one of the many degrees including an associates degree, undergraduate degree, graduate degree and last, doctorate degree in order  to become an Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse, according to the article “how to become a trauma nurse” it states “like all nurses in the United States, must pass the national licensure”  all nurses must complete an exam to gain a license or they will not be able to work in the medical field and they have annual tests for continuing nurses. After completing the steps to becoming a nurse you must work in a series of areas in trauma for two years and take an additional exam. All ER/ trauma nurses must maintain a calm, yet fast state of mind in order to handle this type of work ethic. RN’s and trauma nurses have lot in common but differ on many topics, according to article (“Registered Nurses.”) “RN’s provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members” although a trauma nurse also does these tasks, they are required to do it in fast paced and chaotic settings and are expected to know more about a patient’s situation in order to give them the care need in case of an emergency and also have to have a constant check up on their patients. In extreme situations, they must perform skills at a doctoral level. “Trauma Nurse’ claims “you’ll be saving people’s lives everyday.” Trauma nurses also do the work of phlebotomists and Certified Nurses Assistants, for example, they do bloodwork and the provide comfort for their patients.In this field, most of the time the pay will depend on your location, in more populated areas there are more accidents and more trauma cases than the areas that have fewer people as a result, you will get paid for the more patients you have and how busy it is weekly. According to the article (“What Is The Salary Outlook For ER Trauma Nurse?”) it states “the hourly wage for a trauma nurse is between $20.40 and $38.65.This equates to an annual wage of around $60,000.” rate of pay will increases each year you gain experience or it will increase depending on how well you work.In this field of work you are brought to terms with many traumatic visuals on a daily basis and there are many risks that come with this factor. “Alarmingly high percentages of secondary posttraumatic stress have been reported in several nursing domains such as critical care and emergency nursing’ (“Secondary Posttraumatic Stress and Nurses’ Emotional Responses to Patient’s Trauma”) in the event of an extreme incident or accident, you are exposed to a number of horrifying sights that, in some cases, cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) this condition requires months and sometimes years of therapy to help them learn how to cope with depression and anxiety attacks, many times nurses cannot work with this conditions because anything can cause a set back and it is dangerous for both the patient and the nurse.


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