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A lot of stuff has happened by this point and many people have been killed. Diomedes is fighting on the side of the Trojans and is annihilating everything in his path.Menelaus sees Adrestus roll out of his cart and has his “spear in hand” (about to kill him, I think). Then, Adrestus begs Menelaus for his life, promising a large ransom from his father. Menelaus begins to consider this offer, but then Agamemnon shows up and insists that no Trojan should be spared.

Agamemnon kills him himself.All the while, Nestor comes along and tells the Achaean soldiers that their time should be spent killing rather than looting.Helenus gives Hector (Trojan) and Aenaes special instructions.

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Hector and Aenaes are to rally troops in front of the gates of Troy. Additionally, Hector is to tell the women in the city to take their finest robes, present them to Minerva (Athena), and beg her to break Diomedes’s spear. Should she do this, they’ll sacrifice 12 young female cows. Diomedes’ terror is far superior to that of Achilles.

Glaucus and Diomedes went into the open to find in single combat. Diomedes says he’s never seen him, but that he Glaucus is daring. However, Diomedes will refuse to fight him should he be a god because Diomedes will not last long against an immortal. Glaucus doesn’t understand why Diomedes asked of his lineage. Diomedes and Glaucus talk and find out that Glaucus is an old friend of Diomede’s father’s house. The decide to be each other’s host should they ever go to each other’s towns (hospitality, xenia, was a big   deal). They also exchange armor and vow to avoid one another’s spear.

(Glaucus, thus, exchanged his golden armor for bronze…)Hector, upon completing Helenus’s instructions, is in search of his wife – Andromache – and child – Scamandrius/Astyanax – should he not return from battle. Finally, he finds her. She begs him to think of her and their son (Achilles slew Andromache’s father and brothers and her mom is also dead – Hector is all she has). Hector insists on going as to avoid looking like a coward. He kisses his son and and cries to Jove/Zeus that his son be even better than he Hector is.


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