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A description of the role and responsibilities are: NSPCCThe NSPCC are there to protect children from harm, they also are the only charity in the UK with statutory rights which means that they can have the right to take action to safeguard children. They also:Help support children and families by providing lots of services such as ‘Letting the Future In’ which helps support children who have been sexually abused.

Provide helplines such as:NSPCC helpline- which provides help and support for adults to gain advice or talk about concerns they have for a child.Childline- where anyone under the age of 19 and in the UK can call if they have any worries or issues no matter how big or small.Prevent abuse from happening.By providing schools and organisations about ways and information to better safeguard children and keep them safe and what to look out for.Raising awareness of abuse through social media or advertisements.Sharing knowledge and information with other professionals.Schools are responsible for:Educating children and making them aware of what is and is not acceptable behaviour from an adult or another child.Providing safe use of the internet through suitable filtering programmes and making sure children are aware of how to keep safe online.

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Providing staff with appropriate safeguarding and child protection training and what they must do and who they speak to if the event of concern.Making sure new and existing staff have had DBS check done before working with children.Procedure in place so staff are aware of what to do if they are accused of causing harm to a child.

Social Services for children supports and cares for individuals and their families. They have social workers that deal with different situations to ensure the child is safeguarded, some of these are:Duty and assessment social workers-investigate neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse allegations, to protect the child from harm.Long term team- provides services for children and young people who are subject to a child protection plan and if needed court proceedings. This involves regular visits to the family and working with other professionals to provide advice and support.Looked after team- works with children and young people who live with foster carers, kinship carers and residential placements, these children are subject to a care order and the social workers role is to fulfil the obligation of the of the local council to be a corporate parent to the child.They work to ensure the child or young person receives appropriate care, education and health services.

PoliceThe Police play an essential role in protecting children from abuse. They are under a legal duty to carry out their functions taking into account the need of protection and welfare of children.They have a duty to investigate criminal offences made against children.

They can immediately enter a premises to protect a child they believe to be the subject of significant harm.Specialist Police officers dedicated to the protection of children investigate child abuse cases.They attend court to give evidence if they have witnessed a crime.

GP’s and emergency departmentGP’s and the emergency department may come come across children with injuries suspected to be done on purpose. It is their duty to:Alert social services for children when they suspect abuse has occurred.Help contribute towards social care reports.Give evidence in court when a criminal offence has been committed.Health visitor’sHealth visitor’s are the most often the first to recognise when a child is at risk of harm. They are responsible for: Recognising risk factors, triggers and concerns also signs of abuse and neglect.Knowing whether action is needed and if it is then what actions should be taken to protect the child.Ensuring that if a family is subject to a safeguarding arrangement that they receive support.


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