A woman and her husband shared together in

A critique paper on Maryanne Moll’s Married Women: HearthMaryanne Moll has been published many professional writings since 1997 and won a major literary award for her diligent work. Moll hails in the Partido district number 4 of Camarines Sur. She is the first ever youngest columnist in the local daily of Bicol Region at the age of twenty-one.

On the year 2011, her book entitled “Married Women” was published by Ateneo de Naga University Press that attached with the spots of how married women all over the world live their life in the sensibilities and relatability of one another. The book includes many collections of fictional literature that shared eight different stories with divergent perspective and occurrence along their way as married persons. From all stories, the story entitled “Hearth” struck me the most as a reader.

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It seems that this has all the elements of a classic romance and drama genre. Merely, the story tells about a rich woman and her husband shared together in their uncomfortable place after the husband got to quit his job and hunted by the police officer. To auspice his wife from his idea of leaving their hometown in Paranaque, he incurably lied. For the rest of their life with their two darling little boys, they lived in the province of Camarines Sur at the antique house of man’s parents with no electricity and no water connections.The main characters of the story are the married couple named Clarissa and Elmo whose struggling throughout the story. They created a tension and misunderstanding that leads their relationship stronger than before. It is observable how the main characters act over-expresses verbally, which can have a theatrical effect that might convey the deep message of each character.

Moreover, that subtle gestures and words can be just effective as it is in conveying strong anger that is exaggerated as to their character’s role. Meanwhile, for the sub-main character- the housemaids and the couple’s two sons, they are just a simply peoples working with the usual task. That in itself makes them demote a bit below the normal persons you see in fiction relatedness.

Moreover, the chosen point of view and setting of the story were highly appropriate to the plot and structures of the story. The point of view is written in third person limited point of view, starting from the beginning of the story. Maybe, this approach would be effectual as long as it remains consistent throughout the book different stories. In addition, the setting was atmospheric and efficient yet the ending of the story is somehow afflicted.The overall tone portrayed very realistically, once it has a conflict between married couple. The story presents the only theme that stand out which is the importance of communication in one’s relationship.

It provides the avenue to discuss anything of arguments that will effectively stop the misleading personal views of each other. In further, the psychological and philosophical approach can be used to identify more the themes of the story because its highly examines the behaviors of the characters are conscious and unconscious, and how the story focuses on the ethics and morals as impart of society and community. With the elements of story, the messages were made appropriate for readers of all ages specifically the millennials. Hence, it may cause some misinterpretations in the part of the readers as to individuals have different way of thinking or reader-response criticism. Overall, the story published with its full purpose, to realize something from our own historicity of right managing of relationships’ conflict insisted in our journey that it is necessary to communicate without the margin of innovative technology nowadays.


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