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In the novel “I am
Malala” in which a Pakistani girl who is standing up for girl’s education but,
is being oppressed by the Taliban. Malala argues in the text by stating that a
person’s belief can lead to substandard consequences as the end results of the
conflict. She claims that the brutal scars that have been left on her proves
how much power they have within themselves; but not for too long, eventually
they threaten Malala again, but at the end they stop because of the motivation
she had to stand up against the Taliban. The most difficult questions to answer
is how inspired people are to do a painful act but think it is the “right
thing” to do? Has the government stopped caring about the ethics of the faith? In
“Cell One” and the poems the characters experience a very intimate feeling of
thinking of what is right from wrong. The essay “Case against perfection” and
the excerpt “lying” suggest to us that people are only caring for themselves. I
put forward that people’s emotions can get to the best of their behavior and
forget about the consequences at the end results. It is important for us to
examine the right and the wrong from being educated on the correct
interpretation of the faith.

            A person’s actions lead to their version of right or
wrong. “But what if the same therapy were used to improve athletic
performance?”. This example talks about how genetic engineering would enhance
the abilities of athletes and their respective sports. In the athletes
viewpoint they would think this is the “right” thing to do. But, from the
viewpoint of another person that is not an athlete would believe it is the
“wrong” thing to do because that would be considered to be a factor of
cheating. The athlete would be thinking it is not cheating because genetic
engineering is open to everyone. It would be wrong if it weren’t.  What would be the point if we used genetic
engineering in sports? There would not be a point because sports are supposed
to be for people that are gifted and talented. It’s to show their natural
abilities and talents that have been gifted to them. If they were too been
using genetic engineering than they would have been considered to have been
cheating. It would have been alright if the athlete was trying to get rid of a
muscle deficiency in the body, so that they wouldn’t have to face any problems
that would have come in the future for the athlete. “It might be argued that a
genetically enhances athlete, like a drug-enhanced athlete would have an unfair
advantage over his enhanced competitors”. It is unfair because one is in the
form of a natural athlete and another that is built in the womb in the way. One
of the athletes have worked hard his/her life and another has not even tried or
have experienced the feeling of it. Doing a sport is already a hard thing to
do. For sports you have to have a lot of talents and skills you have develop.
Like playing sports is not magic it takes time. People that use genetic
engineering aren’t really magic. It’s getting a way out of something that you
do not want to work hard towards. Like a person running a 5 minute mile that it
not genetically modified versus the person that is genetically modified that
can run a 3 minute mile.  

            In some situations people have to do what is the wrong
thing in order to do the right thing. “A doe, a recent killing, she had
stiffened already, almost cold. I dragged her off; she was large in the belly”.
The man in the story didn’t want to kill the fawn, but he knew the fawn was
going to die either way. The mother deer was already dead and there were no
chances for the fawn to live. If the man would have cut the stomach of the deer
than either way the deer would have been dead. The man was doing a right thing
and threw it off the bridge into the lake. The man should have buried the deer
and her fawn and it was a cruel and harsh for him to push it off a bridge in to
the lake. The man also felt bad for everyone towards the end of the poem right
before he threw the deer and the fawn in the lake. This is also considered a
wrong thing to do to animals and should be animal cruelty. Charges should be
pressed against you for doing this. I think animals have the same feelings as
humans do. Even they can’t talk they have feeling that are in them. If some
were too been doing the same thing to the human, than they would think it is
rude of them to do that or it would have been cruel. “hunched in pain, no
flashlight in the dark, eighty-three” Eighty-Three is the percentage of people
that are in pain for something they did in the dark that was wrong. Eighty
three percent out of one hundred people. This ratio says a lot about the people
that are doing these actions in the world. This ratio should be a lot lower
than what this is. More than half the people in this world are guilty of this
action. This should be against any law in the world.

            In some scenarios people let their emotion get to their
behavior or actions. “so I picked up the stone near the ixora bush and hurled
it at the windshield of the Vulvo”. Adichie did not want to go visit her
brother that day and no one was listening to what she had to say. Instead her
parents only cared about her brother that was locked up in prison by people
that were filled with cruelty. She threw the stone because she wanted attention
and all the attention at the time was on her brother. Her parents were trying
to get her brother out of prison for the wrong actions he had done. She was
also trying to emphasize that why should we get him out if he was going to
still make the same mistakes he had done before. Adichie thought that her
brother still haven’t learned his lesson about stealing and doing unethical
actions. “so they told him to take off his clothes and parade the corridor” the
policemen saying this to the old man says that they don’t have any respect for
their elders. They never heard what the man had to say. They wanted their own
way. They were so mad and thought it was hilarious to make the man do that. The
policeman arrested the boy’s dad when his son was the one with committing to do
the ridiculous actions. The policeman let their anger get to the best of them
and that’s the reason why they were being cruel. If they hadn’t let their
feelings get to the best of them, then they would have listened to the old man
and would have some respect for him. The officers had no right to arrest the
old man that had done nothing wrong. They should have gone outside and go find
him. The old man’s son should have been arrested and should have done his time
in jail.

            A persons pride can conflict with their morals and
ethics. “why Professor Tendler had come to kill that peasant family”. It is
difficult for a young boy to come out a problem of killing a family or a person
but, it becomes easier through the perspective of the little boy’s eyes. After
Tendler came back from the concentration camp his life every day from that day
on was threatened, and was not a different situation from the little boy’s.
Tendler was imagining the nurse’s plan as a threat and he shot the family as he
would have shot the guard at his concentration camp. “capable of happiness
–twenty something tops” Not capable of finding happiness leads to conflict with
your morals and ethics. Everyone’s morals and ethics have at least one thing
that says to be happy. If you do not feel accomplished in what you do, than how
can you be happy? Twenty percent of the world’s population in capable of
happiness. That number says that people are not happy of what life has to offer
them. Accomplishing something can interfere with someone’s definition of “right
or wrong”. Hurting someone can make the person bullying or being rude to the
person happy, but it is wrong for that bully to be happy of something that he/she
did wrong. Making good ethical and moral choices leads to happiness.

pick the sex, and physical characteristics of a child? “Those of the desired
sex are implanted; the others are typically discarded”. The amount of males in
this world have slowly increasing each year. If a citizen only had five kids of
the same gender, than it would be alright for them to select their kid. I
believe that with selecting our children, than in a couple of thousand years we
will not have a human population on earth. We wouldn’t have people having
offspring because there is one sex on earth. Cloning is another option. Cloning
is when any animal is made asexually. In China of this year, scientists have
found a way to clone monkeys and the first two clones monkeys were born
Mid-January. If the child has died, then there is no point for the child to be
cloned. This a very disappointing concept that shouldn’t be the answer.  Another factor is physical appearance.
“..carrying undesired genes, such as those associated with obesity, height, and
skin color. Citizens want to have what is called a “perfect child” and when
people do say that they do not want their children to have these
characteristics, this is the option they look at instead of accepting there
child for who they are. The child can be obese but, a natural way to get rid of
their obesity is making them exercise and getting to them eat a lot healthier.

psychological research should be done on how the human brain works on cruelty
in the world and why the rates of so many painful things are being done like in
my above statements. We should as a worldwide community come together and
change these problems that are going in this world. One day everything will not
be the same of how we see the world today. We will not see happiness anymore,
animal cruelty rates will go high, and sex selection will become the “normal”.
It is our duty as the citizens of this world to go out and change the world in
our respective countries and try to make it a better place. Make the earth a
happier and safer place for humans and animals. If we don’t change these
things, then the world will be changed forever. 


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