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With Cornero becoming free again he put his focus on classy casinos something he knew would defiantly attract the rich people. The availability of a landing strip made him hope that it would serve in bringing those people who had weathered Depression. He also created the meadows, which was so impressive then having been built near the intersection of Fremont and Charleston. This attracted so many people especially the Elite and Professionals. The Meadow became very poplar since it served imported liquor of a very high quality.

Later this meadow failed and still Cornero was convinced that this city could be a gambling Mecca. it is important to note that all this he started ended up with other people. Even when he did end up enjoying them so much he had made the positive difference. He had contributed towards tourism in Las Vegas.

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The strip was still being used; the properties were still being visited by tourists even when he did not have ownership to them. (The first 100 persons who shaped Southern Nevada) BY ALAN BALBONI for the Review-Journal – the whole journal I want to look at tourism today in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.I will define the activities that go on there in comparison to what use to happen at the time of mafia ownership. We will come to a conclusion that all that was introduced in this city by the mafia is still being practiced directly or indirectly today.

Each of the monsters is more than a hotel, much more than a casino that lies in its core. Most hotels have casinos within. The casino targets people and the moment you enter into one, you will most likely keep crisscrossing the casino floor enough times for anything you want there you will find that the set –up requires you to keep moving from one end to other.This is the trick they apply. Casinos go all day and night, there are clocks in there so that people can lose track of time. Even with Las Vegas for Disneyesque fantasy after the mafia were driven out of this business, it is now common that Las Vegas demands entire cities such as New York, Paris, and Monte Carlos to jostle for space at the strip. Gambling is still so much there; it is a major activity in Las Vegas for tourists.

There are even different categories so that everyone visiting this city suits themselves with what they want. There are the strip giants catering to those wanting to sophisticated high roller places.There are also the places for those without so much money; the low earners those looking at casinos as sinful and seedy, these are the places you will find inhabited by hard-bitten smokers. Gambling in Las Vegas may have gotten a better name such as ‘game’ but the rules applied are a direct result of the implementation of the mafia. Even after those who took over and owned these businesses legitimately, trying to change the nature of business here we will find that most of the tourists don’t bring children along. Just a few will come along as whole family, may be 10% out of all the guests who visit Las Vegas will come with children.

If we would compare Las Vegas with other tourist destinations we will be able to see a clear difference in activities. A look at the activities in Africa destinations will include: walking, mount climbing, viewing wildlife etc, while present Las Vegas will offer gambling and casinos amongst other activities. WPA Guide Book to Nevada, 1940 – whole articleBibliography“A Brief History of the Mafia” 11 August 1999. http://www. pressanykey. com/mafia/history. html “Al Capone” 19 Feb “The mafia in Las Vegas” – by Krysta Cardinale Carpenoctem.

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