A anyone knows john wilkes booth who is

A lot of people has a very clear idea about John wilkes booth. President Abraham Lincoln decided to take the night of and go to Ford theater to watch a play.

Before anyone knows john wilkes booth who is an actor and a lunatic is at presidents Lincoln box At the theater and shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head. After Booth shot Lincoln he jumped onto the stage where he broke his leg and ran away. The audience was confused but surely they found out what happened. After Booth pulled that trigger the north had a new enemy on their hands. Now i’m going to say the story of John Wilkes Booth and you might realize he´s not a lunatic or a mad man but a man with a passion thinking he is doing the right thing and then after you read this i want you to put yourself it John Wilkes Booth and what would you have done or what would you not of done and why. I want to start this story from the beginning. Junius Booth who is a well known actor was in a love triangle.

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Junius Booth is John Wilkes Booth Father and he left his wife and kid to go with his new lover Mary Anne Holmes to America. Mary will be John’s mother. Which they would have 10 children and 4 of them would die before becoming an adult. In May 10, 1838 John Wilkes Booth was born. Now eventually Mary would realize that Junius is having an affair and sending money to his x wife who has his son and also had his daughter but she died during birth.

The couple ended up buying a farm together where they would raise cattle but they would never eat there product because they wanted to be vegetarian. After having a few kids Junius wanted to move. So an archertech named William H. Ranlett would help them out. So Junius Booth wanted William to shape his house and build it he pictured a brick house thats painted green and a cottage with a bunch of fresh air from the grass being so green. He wanted a beautiful living room where it nice and comfortable.

A kitchen that’s near the living room and a beautiful fireplace. John wilkes Booth was born May 10, 1838 in Bel Air, Maryland in a log cabin. He had 10 brothers and sisters and his mother was Mary Ann Holmes and his father was Tunis Booth. Now the Booth name was known for acting but John would not have been an actor if it wasn’t for his brother Edwin, because of their bitter rivalry. Edwin wanted to be like his father and that’s why John and Edwin had rivalries. The Booth house was also full of alcohol and a lot of depression.

The 10 sibling was often without a father because he was always drinking even when he was on stage he was drunk. John has never seen his dad on stage because his mom wouldn’t let him probably because his father was drunk. Now John loves his father even though he’s a drunk or he’s not them and so did the rest of his family because they wanted to be just like him a famous actor. John was born into a family of actors.

John Wilkes Booth had it all he had the good looks and can act good from different aspects like dark roles and soft roles. John was the headliner of the American stage by 26 years old which would have been 1865. John is five feet and nine inches and he was well known for his looks and most of the audience were women. Now as an acting standpoint he wasn’t as good as his dad or brother but his good looks and expansion of actin made him a lot better. John had become so famous that the managers of the of the theater had to tell people to get out of the way let him get to his hotel.

Back then people would talk all about Booth and loved him and then after he assassinated Lincoln they shy away from talking about him. The people that loved him tried to forget what he did and remember him by his courtesie and acts of heroism. Now because of his acting he picked up a lot of girls but we don’t really know how much kids she has but we know he at least has one but he was never married he probably didn’t want to like his father and have kids and never get to see them because he’s acting then turns to drinking.

Booth saved this one girl onstage because her dress caught fire. Also John was not a madman who just wanted to kill Abraham Lincoln right when he was born, he was politically motivated to kill assassinate Lincoln. John loved his country so very much but he believed United States was at its best before the civil war. He also blamed Lincoln because when he came in the war changed. Booth hated what Lincoln was doing like more power of the federal government and emancipating slaves.

The government also instituted an income tax and a military draft and they even declared habeas corpus sometimes which is a legal protection against unlawful imprisonment. These thing made booth very very agitated and this is where the idea of kidnapping Lincoln came in. The reason why I say that it convinced John to try to kidnap Lincoln is because he was so disgusted with United States he joined the confederate army plus it was during the civil war. Also John wilkes Booth mother begged him not to go because she had already lost 4 of her kids to the war. Booth agreed not to go but he didn’t feel right he felt like a coward because onstage he was a hero but in real life he is a coward. He ended up not listening to his mom and he joined the war. Asia Booth Clarke was the closest to john more than anybody.

Asia being one of his older sisters. After what John did Asia’s family got exiled in England and i’m sure that she still love John after that but i don’t think she ever thought the same about him after that. Asia also wrote a memoir for john and it wouldn’t be published till 1938. Also back before John assassinated Lincoln even before he became a famous actor him and asia went to this old gypsy. She said “You’ve got a bad hand; it’s full of sorrow. Trouble plenty everywhere I look. I see you’ll break hearts. You’ll die young, and you will leave many to mourn you.

You’ll be rich, you’ll be free nut you’re born under an unlucky star.” (Good brother Bad Brother by James Cross Giblin). John didn’t think much of it because it was a gypsy there probably just saying that for the money. Also when Booth was a kid a fortune teller said John was going to die young, which he also didn’t think much of it because he was young and there was a war coming soon so the guy probably just said that based on the war. Later I think Asia Booth Johns sister started to strongly believe in the gypsys telling  because she was spot on with Johns fortune. Asia didn’t think that John’s bad fortune would be hers to.

As in affect her future and her families future no matter where she goes or does. It was most difficult for johns family especially his brothers. They would try to go on stage in front of hundreds of people with all that new backpage. At first the Booth name was a name of Actors but then that changed when one boy out of 10 kids decided to murder the president of the United States. Also a lot of people would ask Edwin and Junius Jr. John brothers why they let him get that far and why didn’t they help him.

Johns brothers probably never forgave him. Booth really started acting after his father died. He was in a military school but he left that when his dad died and started to act. Him and his 2 brothers went into acting together and John made his debut by playing in Shakespeare’s Richard III at the theater of Charles Street in Richmond. He stayed in Richmond for about a year where he was acting the e moved to Richmond to a theater called Marshall Theatre. When he got there and started acting the crowd loved him he has good looks and a bunch of good qualities an actor should have.

All those great qualities made him a great actor. As we all know Booth supported slavery and he was shocked at when John Brown was doing. John Brown might have been a big reason why John joined the Richmond militia and while he was in the military he got to see John Brown getting hung. During 1860 that summer Booth shot himself in the thigh which made him postpone his acting career. Booth also felt like a disappointment because after that Lincoln became president and the south started to lose.

This is one of the biggest reason why John Booth thought President Lincoln was a huge factor in the civil war. John was getting more angry at Lincoln because he declared martial law in Maryland because it was the only way to keep the south from leaving the union. Booth calmed down and decided to start acting and where he perform in Ford’s theater and where he met president Lincoln face to face for the first time.The craziest part was he could’ve assassinated Lincoln then. Why didn’t he? John decided to wait another two years before he assassinating Lincoln So the biggest question is what happened in those two years that just pushed John wilkes Booth off the edge and murder the president. Now obviously when Abraham Lincoln became president it clearly helped out the north with the anti-slavery. Booth was furious he loved the south and he said his loyalty will always be to the south.

John believed that there’s no such thing as black and white he believed the that United States this great nation was for white folk. He hated the north especially for thinking African Americans should be the same view as the farmer. John also thought it was very hippicritical for the north to be anti-slavery when they have slaves and when they have that view on the farmers when they don’t have as many farms or plantation.

There has been stories about John after he assassinated Lincoln. Like one of them was spoken about when president Lincoln watched John for the first time, Mary B. Clay was one of the people sitting with Lincoln and she noticed that John was making threats to Lincoln out of his play Abraham didn’t think of it that way he just thought he was acting real good.

Also after Lincoln was assassinated his wife Mary Todd Lincoln said that were together at the same place a couple of days before he was killed. After everything people started to say stuff about the Booths. Like one of there old neighbors said that John used to go around shooting dogs so they weren’t surprised he was a murderer. Now a couple years before he killed Lincoln he invested in a oil company. He wasn’t making any money so he tried to get out of it and lost lots of his savings and he started to try to kidnap Lincoln. He probably went over the edge on what he should do and stop thinking about his future and he started to think about America’s future and he thought and America like the south is the strongest and best way to go. So he thought of the idea to of kidnap President Lincoln.

When he started to make plans he was making them to kidnap Lincoln. So he ended up going to a lot of President Lincoln’s speeches and trying to find the right time to do it. The whole reason why he wanted to kidnap Lincoln was to make a trade and try to free abducted/arrested confederate troops. He ended up failing when Lincoln did not go where he thought he was going to go. There has been more than one attempt to kidnap President Lincoln from John but John was never successful.

Every single one of Lincoln’s speeches just disgusted John and he hated it and I think he drove himself crazy by listening to all the politics instead of ignoring it, which drove him off the cliff.After he decided that he became real close to the Confederate secret service. He met some people from everywhere Boston, Maryland, even Canada. He made this group called the coconspiresers. He was smart about it to he made sure to only look for the ones that had the same views as him. Now some people disagreed but nobody ever turned him in for it.

Until one man turned him into authorities. Before he would go to trial or anything Robert E. Lee surrenders which made the authorities less cautious and sent booth on his way because they thought the war was over. They thought that Booth views would change since the south was about to lose which Booth did.

John went to kidnapping to changing his mind to murder. He wanted to kill everybody important in the North. Robert E. Lee decided to surrender his troops.

After that the north thought they one because he held the largest army in the confederacy. That’s when Johns thoughts turned bloody he ended up going to a speech by Lincoln. President Lincoln said that Negros should have the right to vote and serve military. Booth new that drew the line of blacks being citizens. So that ended up being Lincoln’s last speech because after that and after Robert E. Lee surrendered he wanted to kill Lincoln and not just President Lincoln but also the vice president, cabinet members and also he wanted to Kill Ulysses S. Grant as well. So then he heard that President Of the US Abraham Lincoln and Grant was going to be at Ford’s theater he thought he finally have his chance.

Booths had finally got President Lincoln right where he wanted him, because John had played there a couple times so he knew his way around the place and no one will think he’s suspicious because he is a famous actor. When Booth got there he just showed his card to White house footman and he could enter. Before he entered he looked through a whole to make sure Lincoln was there and sure enough he was sitting there laughing at a comedy.

So then Booth entered the presidential box and pulled his gun out and shot the president in the back of his head. The Bullet went through the left side of his head and under his eye and Lincoln didn’t die until that morning. After John shot Lincoln Grant wasn’t actually there it was Major Henry R. Rathbone and he attempted to stop Booth and when he went to jump to get him Booth, Booth had a big knife and cutted the Majors arm deep. Then he jumped onto the stage where he broke his leg by catching it on an American flag and yelled long live the south and ran out of a big red door. The crowd was petrified they didn’t know what was going on and they defiantly didn’t know that he just got done killing the president. After John hopped out of the theater Doctor Samuel Mudd bandaged his broken leg.

After that Booth was on the run and he made it two weeks and then the calvary caught up to him. John was in a tobacco shed where it was him and a co-conspirator David E. Herold. David surrendered but John would not surrender. Since they did not know if John had a weapon or not they set the shed on fire.

Then Sargent Boston Corbett took a shot trying to wound John but hit him in a fatal spot. Booth did not die instantly it took a few hours for him to die from the gunshot wound. After Boothe died they also caught some of the people that were working with Booth and hung them.John was expecting the south to applaud him and call him there hero but instead they shutted him out and wouldn’t help them they weren’t happy because they thought the Vice President was worse who hated plantation and its class. After John killed the president there was a reward out for his arrest and it was 100,000 dollars which now a days that would be 1.5 million dollars. So booth was all alone right when he decided to pull the trigger on April 14, of 1865 till April 26, of 1865 when he took his last breath.

Also a story would have it the John Wilkes Booth son Edwin Booth would later run into Abraham Lincoln’s oldest son Robert. Acturly Edwin would end up saving Robert from him getting stuck in a corner and Edwin pulling him to safety from a train. Robert recognized him because he was a well known actor which his dad Abraham would of recognized John if he would have turned around. Also Robert was on his way to Michigan where a he had to take care of some debt problems and he stopped to eat where Johns niece was and she said if i get any where near him i’ll put bullet in him. So then she was immediately fire and couldn’t work there and somebody else would serve for Robert Abraham Lincoln’s oldest son. So the booth name was either acting or murdering.

A lot of people wonder if Abraham Lincoln was the only person John wilkes Booth ever killed. Well after him and his family moved from there farm to a place called Tudor Hall he could’ve. It was during the war and the north wanted a place to stay and the south did too and even back when he was little he was a confederate he supported the south. Now they were a family of actors they were all about them coming for shelter. John ran to his barn and grabbed the rifle and chased some union soldiers away it’s still unknown if John acturly killed one of them.

John would have let the confederacy come and have shelter and food. When John was at Tudor Hall he would practice acting and pretend to be Romeo and he would even pretend to be Juliet. John was really close to his family especially his brothers and sisters. After John murdered Lincoln I think it was the hardest for his family to cope with it. The Booth name was a name of acting and when John did what he did it disgraced there name and be a name of acting and killers. So then two of his brothers had it pretty tough going out to act in front of people when the audience might think you helped John.

John’s mother was probably the worst because she lost 4 children at a young age and some to the war so a lot of her kids were dying before him. John’s sister also had it bad because she got kicked out of England. Johns sister was also closest to him so his loss was probably really hard for her and hearing what he did most likely came to a surprise to her. Also another thing is when John assassinated Lincoln his brothers wife was playing on the stage which made his brother Edwin disown him even more than just the assassination or attempt to kidnap Lincoln. A couple years later Edwin got a case full of John’s thing.

There were love letters and there were uniforms for his acting and all that sort of stuff and his brother Edwin burned it. Instead of asking his other family members if they wanted it he decided to burn it all.John was one of the best actors of his family and his time now.

The biggest reason was that he was so ansome is why people loved him the most. Well acturly out of his family his dad and Edwin were the best actors but John’s looks help him be better than them. Acting was just never enough for John, he loved it and he was practicing since he was a little kids where him and his brother would compete but it wasn’t enough for John to look past his hate.

He thought Lincoln was teasing him. He felt that he was a coward and a disappointment to his country because in his plays he was a hero or at least known for doing something great and he wasn’t a hero for his country and he thought that was the only thing that mattered. He ended up doing what he thought was right. In the two weeks he was on the run I think he realized what he done was not an act of heroism but and act of cowardness. Now John still would surrender because he already knew what his fait had in store for him.Before the civil war broke out the booth rented out Tudor Hall where the Kings family would stay.

The Booths kept a few things there but none of them really care to go back there besides John. John traveled around and acted and he loved it but he never really had a home like his childhood. After John assassinated Lincoln some soldiers surrounded Tudor Hall where Miss King went outside. She was scared and they were yelling at her demanding to be let in. For 10 long whole days they searched every where for John but he wasn’t there because John was smart enough to know not to go there.

Also Booth and Herold reached Port Royal on April 24th. Where he was not accepted especially for the bounty on his head. So he kept moving and two days later they caught up to him. One reason why it took so long for them to find John was a confederate spy was helping booth while he was on the run. They caught up to him in Virginia at Garrett Farm where the farmers son said they made his dad let them stay there.

So they were in a tobacco shed waiting for them to leave but the soldiers never did. Herold surrendered but booth didn’t and he got shot and killed. After Booth was killed that’s when things decided to change. A lot of thing changed like Johns family as we know. Also Abraham Lincoln changed a lot after that they not only lost the leader of America they lost their Father. The one who had it the worst were the people, the citizens of America.

Both sides lost something. The south was upset because they hated the vice president twice as much. The north was upset because they lost a great president probably one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America.

Lincoln was probably next to Gorge Washington to being one of the greatest president. So America lost a great president on April 16th 1865 and America would benefit from it by reuniting the nation but it still lost a great president. A lot of people has a very clear idea about John wilkes booth. President Abraham Lincoln decided to take the night of and go to Ford theater to watch a play. Before anyone knows john wilkes booth who is an actor and a lunatic is at presidents Lincoln box At the theater and shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head. After Booth shot Lincoln he jumped onto the stage where he broke his leg and ran away. The audience was confused but surely they found out what happened.

After Booth pulled that trigger the north had a new enemy on their hands. Now i’m going to say the story of John Wilkes Booth and you might realize he´s not a lunatic or a mad man but a man with a passion thinking he is doing the right thing. So after you read this what do u think. Do you think he was a madman? How about a lunatic? Or did you think he was doing the right thing.

I hope while you were reading this you put yourself in his shoes and think what would I do.


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