A research conducted by Akabuike
and Asika (2012) investigating reading habits of undergraduate students and
their academic performance brought upon results similar to the last two
researches discussed. The research was conducted using 200 randomly picked
students from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and Anambra State University. The
methods chosen to reach results were interviews, a simple test, questionnaires and
some observations which were made during the time the students were given to
test the undergraduates’ reading comprehension. Certain reading habits were
recorded during the interviews such as personal reading habits, the frequency
of reading and much more. The interviews and the observations showed that
students mostly read in order to excel in their examinations and rarely read
for enjoyment purposes. Students with bad reading habits did bad in the tests
given during the interviews. The study appears to settle that good reading
comprehension is needed to reach a decent level of academic success in any
studies. They recommended that the students should be motivated and encouraged
in different ways by their lecturers. Also, more material should be made
available to students in order for them to engage in reading. 


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