A a total of $800,000 to end

    A Wisconsin school district has agreed to pay a total of $800,000 to end a lawsuit that was filed by a transgender student back in 2016. The student was not allowed to use the men’s bathroom  at his high school and the student said that the administrators were making him feel degraded by not letting him do so.    The student’s name is Ashton Walker and he was a senior at the time at George Nelson Tremper High School in Kenosha Michigan. Ashton is now a college student, and this lawsuit is just now coming to an end. When Ashton was a freshmen he openly came out as a boy, but when teachers and administrators told him he could not use the men’s bathroom, he sued the district. Ashton said that using the women’s bathroom was ¨humiliating and there was no way i could do it.

¨ Ashton described himself feeling ¨scrutinized and degraded¨ when forced to use the women’s bathroom or when teachers called him female pronouns when he had asked multiple times not to. Ashton is experiencing a social injustice. Ashton has asked the school many times to respect him and the school is not cooperating. He is trying to be just like any other student but the school is not letting him do that. The school was forcing him to use the women’s bathroom and they would not even let him run for prom king. The Federal District Court judge granted Ashton an injunction that allowed him to go in the men’s bathroom his senior year. But the school district appealed that decision.

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The school district voted on weather or not to try to take it to the Supreme Court, but the school board voted 5 to 2 to pay $800,000. Alex got the Justice he deserved in the end. Ashton says this was a big step for fighting against social injustice, for him and for everyone else.           Another article from Journal Sentinel gives more information on the legal side of the lawsuit.

He and his lawyers used Title IX, federal law that bans sex discrimination in schools, and the Fourteenth Amendment to defend Ashton. The Fourteenth Amendment states right to equal protection under law. The article also says that Ashton only get $150,000 and his attorneys got $650,000. His attorneys say that this case sets an example to other schools. And if they don’t try to change, it could cost them.           I think that this really is a good example to other schools.

It shows that there are laws that can protect transgenders and this case is not the first like this. Schools can lose a lot of money if they don’t give in, because this is a pretty hard case to win. And I think that Ashton has every right to do what he did. He tried to ask the school but they wouldn’t have it, he had to take matters into his own hands.

Hopefully there is an end to this discrimination towards transgenders because they just want to go on with their lives. They never did anything to deserve this treatment and we should just see them as normal people.


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