A. the product that the review was made.

 A.   Users As Customer1.1.1    Select and Customize Orders. 1.1.

1.1     The systemshall display all the products(food) that can be ordered online.     The systemshall allow users(customers) to select the food to order online.

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order now     The systemshall display all the available ingredients used to produce the food1.1.1.4     The systemshall enable user to select or remove any of the ingredients used in theproduction of the food.     The systemshall notify the user about any problems faced when placing the order.1.1.1.

6     The systemshall allow user to update their addresses and phone numbers when placing anorder .1.1.1.

7     The systemshall allow user confirm order completion 1.1.2    Provide product details.     The system willdisplay detailed information of the products and their prices.     The system willinform  on the minimum price selection ofa product that can be delivered by that restaurant     1.1.3    Provide Search facility. 1.

1.3.1     The system willlenable users search for a desired menu or restaurant via search option.  1.1.3.

2     The system willdisplay the matching results based on the search     The system willenable navigation between the search results. 1.1.3.

4     The system willnotify users when the search returns no matching result.  1.1.4    Maintain customer profile.     The systemshall allow users create  their profile withtheir credentials.     The systemshall verify user credentials to view the profile. 1.1.

4.3     The systemshall allow user to modify their profile information. 1.1.5    Provide personalized orders according to previous orderselection1.1.5.

1     The system willdisplay both current and previous order history in the customer profile.     The system willallow users make selection on the order from their order history. 1.1.

5.3     The system willdisplay  information about the selectedorder . 1.1.6    Provide CustomerSupport/Review. 1.1.6.

1     The system willprovide a dedicated online help resource and frequently asked questions for customersupport purposes.1.1.6.

2     The systemshall allow users review menus and restaurant.     The systemshall display the customer details and the product that the review was made.1.1.

7    Email confirmation.     The system willretrieve customer email information as mandatory part of customer profile. 1.

1.7.2     The system willsend an order confirmation to the user via email. 1.1.8    Detailed invoice for customer.     The system willsend a descriptive  invoice for currentorder once it is confirmed.1.1.9    Provide Online Payment/DeliveryCalculations 1.1.

9.1     The systemshall calculate payment for the order. 1.

1.9.2     The systemshall display payment information for the order with delivery charges forspecific locations(regions) . 1.1.

10    Allow multiple payment selection.    The system will display thedifferent available methods for payment.    The system will enable user to makea single selection for the payment method for purchasing the order. 1.1.11    Offer online promotions andrewards.     The systemshall display all the available promotions to the user.     The systemshall allow user to select available promotion. B.    User As CafeteriaManager1.1.

12    Manage Cafeteria Menus1.1.12.1     User shall adda new/update/delete an item from the menu.1.1.12.

2     User shall adda new/update/delete food category from the menu.     User shall adda new/update/delete food item to the menu.1.1.12.

4     User shall adda new/update/delete option for a given food item.     User shall updateprice for a given food item.     User shall updatedefault options for a given food item.1.1.

12.7     User shall updateadditional information (description, photo, etc.) for a given food item. C.    User As Chef1.1.13     Prepare CafeteriaOrders1.1.

13.1     Select themenu item selected by user(customer)1.1.13.

2     View theingredients  selected by the user1.1.13.3     preparecafeteria order for takeoutD.   User As DeliveryMan1.

1.14    Pick Up Delivery For Takeout1.1.

14.1     Collect fooditems to be delivered1.1.14.

2     Find out thelocation of the delivery1.1.14.3     Find outprice of food item and additional delivery prices for locations if necessary  NON FUNCTIONAL REQUIRMENTS1.2    Usability The system shall be user friendly, employing human computer interaction techniques, which will increase usability.1.

3    Response Time Response time for user requests shall not exceed 6.5233 seconds.1.4    Robustness The system shall be robust and have no more than two system failures per week.·        If the connection between the user andthe system is broken prior to an order being either confirmed or canceled, theCafeteria Ordering System will enable the user to recover an incomplete order 1.5    Failurerecovery Time Failure recovery time shall not exceed one minute.1.6    Availability·        The Cafeteria Ordering Systemshall be available to users on the corporate Intranet and to dial-in users99.

9% of the time between 5:00am and midnight local time and 95% of the timebetween midnight and 5:00am local time. Maintainability·        The system shall be easy to maintainand also provide backup of data.  Expandability·        The system shall be  easy to upgrade.1.7     PerformanceRequirements·        The system shall accommodate 400users during the peak usage time window of 8:00am to 10:00am local time, withestimated average session duration of 8 minutes. 1.

8    Security Requirements:·        Users shall be required to log into the Cafeteria Ordering System for all operations except viewing a menu. ·        The system shall permit onlycafeteria staff members who are on the list of authorized Menu Managers tocreate or edit menus.       


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