A extra education, clinical training, and experience(Career Cruising,

A Nurse Practitioner is a nurse with extra education, clinical training, and experience(Career Cruising, At a Glance). They can  independently assess, diagnose, and treat patients with a variety of medical conditions. I was recommended this job because I enjoy caring for others and I am interested in human biology. I believe when I’m older I would love the job of being a nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners work in community healthcare centers and clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices, or drop-in centers(Career Cruising, Job Description). In some cases they may even travel to a patient’s home to help. On the website Career Cruising it states, “Nurse practitioners may work one-on-one with patients, or as part of a team. This team can include doctors and other health care providers.” This explains how nurse practitioners are capable of working alone and they can also work great as a team with others. Nurse Practitioners make an annual salary.

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They typically earn between $72,000 and $141,000 a year(Career Cruising, Earnings). With the median salary of $101,000. Their income depends on where they work and how much they work. Their pay also depends on how much education they have. Currently there are two degree choices for becoming a Nurse Practitioner: Masters or Doctorate. Many programs are switching their masters-level education over to doctorate programs to meet the recommendations of large medical organizations.

In some, but not all, settings, Nurse Practitioners with a Doctorate degree would make a slightly higher income than those with a Masters. To become a Nurse Practitioner you need your bachelors degree in nursing first(Career Cruising, Education). You will then need to pass exams to become a registered nurse(RN).Some graduate programs require a minimum of 1-3 years experience as a nurse before applying to a program. Nurse Practitioners need excellent people skills and they need emotional maturity(Career Cruising, Education).


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