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    A few of the most common natural disasters in Latin America are floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions. About four flooding disasters take place in Latin America each year, 176 earthquakes, 404 floods, 53 volcanic eruptions, and 305 wind storms and hurricanes. (Natural Hazards, Table 1) The greatest number of major events in the most countries are floods. The natural disaster that causes the most deaths and damage are earthquakes. What affect the greatest number of people are droughts. (Stillwell, Natural Hazards and Disasters in Latin America)    Some recent natural disasters in Latin America are the earthquakes in Mexico, volcanic eruptions in Colombia, hurricanes and floods in Haiti, and droughts and mudslides in Brazil. In terms of human lives, as well as property and ecosystem disruption, disasters are extremely costly. Countries with more or severe natural disasters have higher death tolls. There are many organizations assisting with relief efforts for Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria, and the series of earthquakes in Mexico. (Laspau, Statement on Recent Natural Disasters in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States)    A few things that should help reduce future losses from natural disasters in Latin America are assessment of vulnerability to hazards, improved economic opportunities, and an increased social and political concern for poor people. Some more recent  natural disasters in Latin America that have occurred in the twenty first century are the 2010 eight point eight magnitude earthquake in Chile; 2010 earthquake in Haiti; 2015 flood in Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay; 2016 eight point seven magnitude earthquake in Ecuador; Hurricane Matthew in Haiti; Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean; 2017 eight magnitude earthquake in southern Mexico; and another earthquake in central Mexico. That strong earthquake that hit central Mexico happened on September 19th, 2017 and killed more than 140 people, as well as brought down dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City. (Dynamic Map Report, Latin America Disasters Timeline)    Recently, Brazil has also had many floods, which have been the country’s worst natural disasters in years, over 482 people died and the floods caused other natural disasters to follow. (The Telegraph, Brazil Floods) As years have gone by different organizations have created new systems and new safety procedures after gathering new data each time a new disaster struck. These organizations are still creating new rules, regulations, systems, and procedures each day. (Relief Web, Latin America)


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