A quo (Raz, 2014). Once again, the words

A disruptive leader is a person, who interrupts theirexpected line of or the reasonable progress of the activities assigned to them.In most cases, they are unable to do their assigned duties despite being effectiveleaders. Leaders are expected to do the opposite and guide their followers ortroops to the hands of victory. The podcast has examples of disruptive leaders.In the narration of the events they faced, there is a lot to learn about what ittakes to be a disruptive leader.  General McChrystal was forced to resign because hecarelessly uttered words that contravened the duties he was assigned to do(Raz, 2014). As a commander of US troops in Afghanistan, he should have beencareful on the topics he chose.

From the incident, it is possible to learn thata leader’s choice of words is critical. A lot of Americans and oldies at warhad their faith in him. It is important to note that, at times those taskedwith leadership may be forced to act on what they do not believe in.

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GeneralMcChrystal should have used the right way of addressing his concerns. Disruptive leaders are not always on the negative side,but at times they do it for a good reason. The society expects that men aresupposed to hold all leadership positions. From the podcast, disruptive leaderscan champion for women to take up the competitive seats of leadership – it is achange of the status quo (Raz, 2014). Once again, the words that leaders chooseto talk about come in hand.

Disruptive leaders should champion for leadershipequality by encouraging each using supportive words. For example, whencommunicating with their daughters, they should tell them that they have thesame potential of becoming a leader as men.The disruptive leader serves the society eitherpositively or negatively. From the podcast, leaders have a responsibility ofmotivating their followers by carefully selecting their words and action.


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