Across the nation, sexual assault is very unpredictable in college campuses.  It can happen to any student that isn’t aware of the situation they are in, regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender. Most of the time we are informed about sexual assaults occurring on college campuses, by school, articles, newspapers, but sexual assault does not only happen on college campuses. It is written in Title IX, schools are required to have policies protecting students from harassment or sexual assault. Schools administers, staffs tend to take the situation of sexual assault very serious and tend to have experience about the situation, but sometimes when an incident like this happens they tend to be unprepared for it. Because of this situation, schools tend to deny or ignore the incident and portray the good things about their school instead.

Across the nation, various universities have more and more victims of sexual assault reports and they report it to the authorities. The authorities take action and investigate to find the offender, but sometimes it takes a long time leaving the offender to escape.  Men use alcohol and variety of drugs to force women to sleep with them, and some use physical force. Most of the cases of sexual assault, it tends to be men blamed for there actions, leaving the women to be blamed because of the way they dress. Programs from preventing sexual assault and awareness focus more on protecting women and assisting victims from sexual assault. Their is an increasing number of sexual assault reports, and it keeps increasing every year. In middle schools, 21% of students reported unwanted sexual touchings.

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In High Schools 4% of boys and 10% of girls reported sexual assaults. In Undergraduate college students, 5% of men and 23% women reported to be victims of  rape or sexual assault. In my conclusion, I support the community and non-profit organizations, preventing sexual assaults from happening in college campus from continuing.

Informing college students about the topic may enlighten students from preventing sexual assaults from happening in their schools.


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