(iii) presented by a licensed Customs House

(iii) To check that each S/Bill submitted at the Customs House has been signed by an authorised representative of the exporter. In case the documents have been presented by a licensed Customs House Agent (CHA), to check whether, in addition to the signa­ture of the exporter, the S/Bill has been signed by an authorised representative of the CHA. (iv) To check that the Harmonised Indian Trade Classification Code Number i.e. ITC(HS) Code of the export commodity has been shown on the Shipping Bill for the purpose of the Statistical Department.

(v) To check that G.R. Forms or GR Waiver from Reserve Bank of India are attached with Shipping Bills where no payment is involved.

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(vi) To compare the original and duplicate Shipping Bill. (vii) To see that all the copies of S/Bills show clearly the GR Number and all the columns of G.R. Form are duly filled in. The R.

B.I. Code Number allotted to individual exporters on G.R. Forms should also be shown in the Shipping Bills. (viii) To see that all particulars, viz. classification, description, quantity (in w.t.

and/or in number), value, port of exit, marks and number of the container(s), Duty Drawback Rates and other particulars required in all the columns of the Shipping Bills are correct and complete, that the number of packages, weight and value are declared both in figures and in words. (ix) To return the S/Bill which are lacking in requirements or under objection and to accept them again on furnishing the requisite particulars for which they were returned. The Drawback S/Bills where FOB value is more than Rs 50,000/- and all Shipping Bills under DEEC Scheme, are sent to the Assistant Collector for final scrutiny. After scrutiny of papers, the original copies of Shipping Bill, G.R. Form and copies of Invoice, Packing List are detained and retained by Customs Department and a “Customs Detach Number” is allotted on the duplicate and triplicate copies of the S/Bill.


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