A person may die from internal bleeding even

A person may die from internal bleeding even if a small amount of blood remains inside the surrounding tissues. Internal bleeding from the stomach is indicated by vomiting blood, if blood comes out during coughing it means lungs are ruptured, if blood is present in the urine it indicates that primogenital passage is ruptured and if stools appear jet black, it indicates rupture in the intestines. In such cases medical help should be taken immediately because excessive loss of blood from the body may lead to shock, collapse and death, if bleeding is not checked. Rupture of major blood vessel, such as the temporal artery can lead to a loss of several liters of blood in a few minutes. Therefore it is very important to check bleeding immediately.

First Aid Treatment:

(i) Minor bleeding which occurs due to rupture of capillaries during playing or at work will stop automatically after sometime or apply firm pressure and bandage. Afterwards apply some antiseptic solution. (ii) In case of external bleeding remove the clothing’s from the affected part.

(iii) Lay the person down in a comfortable position and raise the injured part (if no fracture is suspected). (iv) Apply direct pressure on the exposed bleeding part using bandages or handkerchief etc. to stop the bleeding. In case of severe bleeding press the ruptured blood vessel against the underlying bone, it may be helpful for quick, temporary and partial control of bleeding until cloth for direct pressure is obtained. (v) The bandage should not be too tight otherwise it may affect the blood supply to other parts of the body. (vi) Do not try to control the bleeding of neck and head by applying direct pressure, it may be dangerous. (vii) Keep the patient warm.

(viii) Check the pulse rate and general health of the patient. (ix) If the case is unmanageable shift him immediately to the nearby hospital emergency room.


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