While rejecting such propositions, the prospects get

While arranging for interviews, the salesman should fix the same at an appropriate time.

Usually, the appointment time is either fixed or elastic. Whatever be the case, the salesman has to plan his visit accordingly. Further, the salesman should neither be in a hurry nor waste his own time.

The salesman should always keep in mind that the time of the pros­pect is precious. Therefore, the prospect should never be kept waiting nor should his valuable time be wasted. During the appointed time, the salesman should try his level best to be punctual for his interview, besides being brief and to the point in the sales talk. 2. Making the Prospect Feel Relaxed: At the very beginning of the sales talk, the salesman must make the prospect feel relaxed. In many cases, as soon as the prospect becomes aware about the sales proposition, he tries to avoid the same by strong resistance. While rejecting such propositions, the prospects get tensed. At this stage, the salesman has to deal with the prospect on emotional grounds.

The salesman can tell the prospect that he has come only to put forward his sales proposition and that he does not intend to sell immediately. In order to bring back the prospect in to a relaxed mood, the salesman can talk about his hobbies, sports activities, etc. Brief discussions of these personal matters generally reduce the tension of the prospect considerably and he becomes relaxed.

At this stage, the salesman can start his sales talk and win over the customer. 3. Timing of the Approach: In order to ensure success the salesman should be very particular about the timing of the approach. An intelligent and wise salesman always tries to meet the prospects at the most appropriate time. They avoid meeting them during busy hours and tense moments.

An intelligent salesman tries to meet the prospect when he is in a relaxed and receptive mood. For example, when the prospect gets a promotion or is showered with any such success or good news, a clever salesman approaches him to congratulate him for such achievements as well as put forth his sales proposition. Similarly, to sell products like fans, refrigerators, air coolers, etc. the salesman should meet the prospect just before the summer season. So, choosing the appropriate time for putting forth the sales proposition is of prime importance in salesmanship. 4. Use of Business card: Nowadays, it is quite common to use business cards. Some experts in this field opine that business card should be given immediately after the interview.

Some others believe that it should be sent in advance and used as a method of gaining the interview. Still, some others suggest that small gifts can be presented along with the business card to impress the prospect. The method to be adopted in presenting the business card depends upon the situation. It is up to the salesman to decide the time of presenting business cards to the prospects. 5. Appearance: The appearance of the salesman is of much significance in approach because what others think of him is crucial for his success. The first appearance that a salesman makes before the customer creates the most important impression.

In fact it is the biggest asset for the salesman. The salesman ought to dress and talk like a professional. Very often the appearance of the salesman is a determining factor for the success or failure of his approach. 6. Avoid Early Dismissal: Quite often the salesman develops the fear of early dismissal before he can present his sales proposition.

But such a notion should be discarded. The salesman should be optimistic in nature and always hope and be confident to win the sale. The salesman should plan his sales talk carefully so that the interest of the prospect is automatically aroused about the product. He has to provide important information about the product tactfully, to gain favourable attention of the prospect. This helps to avoid early dismissal of the salesman.

7. Never Apologise: Some salesmen are in the habit of apologising again and again without any reason while talking with the prospects. Few others tender apology for taking valuable time of the prospects. It should be avoided. The prospect should be made to feel that the salesman is doing him a favour through the sales proposition. Further, the prospect should also feel that the salesman has come with a solution to his problem in the form of a sale.

Otherwise, when the salesman begs apology, the prospect develops doubt about the sales proposition of the salesman. 8. Win Buyer’s Undivided Attention: The salesman should try to win undivided attention of the buyer so that the latter automatically develops interest in the sales proposition. Some prospects are in the habit of doing something else while talking to the salesman. Some others deliberately attempt to discourage the salesman by doing some other work like signing letters, reading reports, newspapers, and so on.

Under such circumstances the salesman should try to draw his undivided attention towards the sales talk. This may be done by flattering the prospect, by presenting the product, by demonstrating the product, by displaying the charts, by showing testimonials of satisfied customers, etc. The salesman should, therefore, try to develop positive interest of the customers and hold their undivided attention in the product.

9. Call Back: All sales talks do not bear fruit in the first attempt straightway. If the salesman fails to clinch a sale in the first attempt or the prospect does not need the product or service at that time, the salesman should always leave the door open. In other words, he should think of some reason to call back the prospect in future. Consequently, either the second or subsequent attempts will definitely result in a sale.

It should be borne in mind that it is finally the sale that counts rather than the number of attempts. Therefore, there is no reason for disappointment if the salesman fails to strike a sales deal in his first attempt.


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