?CHAPTER 7.2 Magnetic Declination Angle In Radians Figure

?CHAPTER SEVENARDUINO CODING7.1PROCEDUREBy using the software ARDUINO that was more suitable for our given task.To running the Arduino program we need to enter an auth token in the code to interface Arduino with BLYNK application.It also requires a magnetic field strength and magnetic declination angle of our area.

From (http://www.magnetic-declination.com/)Following are the screenshots of the whole procedure given below:Figure 7.1 calculation of magnetic declination angleFigure 7.

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2 Magnetic Declination Angle In RadiansFigure 7.3 Put the value of magnetic declination angle in Arduino coding.Figure 7.4 list of required librariesFigure 7.5 blynk auth token487045000Figure 7.6 Paste auth token in Arduino coding. And upload the program in Arduino UNO board


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