There attack on 12 December at APS

There is a difference in natural and human prepared stressors that are arranged consciously on individual and its effect also vary. Mostly, victims of violence and injury given by any person or a group of people seek mental health treatment; if it’s done to stop any cause, the problem may increase. Man-made violence is immense in scale they are repeated, prolonged, severe or unpredictable; it is also threatening for witnesses’ lives but also treating others violently. It embraces the identity of a killer; human rights are being violated and abused by torture, kidnapping, terrorist massive killing without any reason.

Criminal violence has been done by killing the innocent people of a community, specially targeting one group, adding up exposure of war and political violence. Including the U.S. incidents Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 attacks, or the Peshawar attack on 12 December at APS School; apart from continuous violence in Syria, Palestine, Burma and Afghanistan, Exterior U.S.

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such as bombardment, violence, raiding, or any accidents that results in terrorist activities and persons acting in isolation if they are considered political in nature.Disruption results in more severe exploitation which includes long duration, forced perception fear of injury or death and helplessness. Viewing physical abuse can be stressful and as much the victim is attached the stress will be. Particularly, watching violence directed towards a close relative or friend is sadistic.

Interpersonal violence is considered as a passionate eruption, whereas, the most horrible form of it is consciously inflicted.  In settings such as prostitution, pornography rings, concentration camps, and in some families powerful control is used.In the field of trauma the greatest predictable research findings are dose response, it depends on dose, the more the dose trauma it will produce more damaging effects. Also it is noticed that in greater stress, PTSD is more likely to be develop.  Psychological effect will understated greatly if trauma is prompted, unpredictable, sadistic, repeated and complex by human or is bad childhood experience given by any human.


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