Identifying current location submissively. For the emergency component

Identifying a vulnerability or incident, Recognize and Respond,
Completing a hazard and incident report are the goals of this paper. The GUI was developed in Extensive Mark-up Language (XML) which is analysed
to a graphical representation in Android. To avoid ‘blocking’ GUI operation,
time consuming Operations are run in background services resulting in a very responsive

Techniques to analyze the presence and level of threats have greatly
evolved in recent years.
Responding to countless emergency situations has given him a passion for safety
and perspective on the role of human behavior in preventing these events.

A System
which we use is modified form of MIRS system proposed by VI Tlali1. Typically, a report
is initiated by a user and  then transmitted
to a server. The Authority onwards the message to a set of responsible organization
available which can be transmitted to a certain location. These systems include
of both hardware and software and can be quite costly.

A LBS-based
disaster management system which proposed from which we  relies on wireless and satellite
communications, which uses our Incident response System through satellite
information.  Some systems which achieve
this have been proposed and some are commercially available. We again provide
few guidance from  South African university
where two theorem from systems include  by the Sysman Group 4 which consists of both
hardware and software and one delivered by Aurecon3 , which is computer based.
The clear benefit of the system proposed in this paper is the fact that it tracks
on a smartphone and is much more flexible in terms of process as it does not
require any extra/committed hardware.

By seizing
locational requests by other applications installed on the same smartphone, it
is also possible to update the user’s current location submissively. For the
emergency component of the system, the user’s current location can be determined
actively or submissively. Alternatively the user can be driven to tap his/her
location from a map with the map view centered on the user’s last known










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