DAY 1                           Training was started with therecitation of the Holy Quran and Naat. After that participants shared somegolden words. Then participants were welcomed for training and working withNCHD department. All the participants shared the experience of urdu book one& math in detail. Then Lc told them about the objectives of the trainingand motivates them.Afterthe introduction I registered all the participants. I said to the participantsfor writing of rules and regulations of the training.

For this purpose therewere consisted three groups and gave them different topics. They did the workon charts.                  Istarted to define (Haroofe Illat) and told them how to match them with soundsto make arkan According to the teacher’s guide. Presentation was given by allthe teachers one by one. Then three groups were comprised of participants forgroup work. They did the group work.

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AI described how to make words by matching(arkan). Exercise was done on books too.So with this whole day activities completed. At the end Irevised the whole day activities.DAY 2               Trainingwas started with the recitation the Holly Quran (Surah ALASAR) with Urdutranslation. After that participants shared some golden words. I reviewed theday 1 activities.

Then I introduced the use of (Nahi) in the sentences. Afterthat teacher were taught about the (mukamal ashkal). Then I gave them theconcept of addition and subtraction from book math.

Then there three groups were comprised of participants forgroup work. They did the group work on different sounds .after the group work Isaid to the group Leader for demonstration .They did the demonstration one byone at the end of the day.CONCLUSIONTo conclude I can say that training was remained successful.Because participants were trained on every aspect of field of work.


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