(2) used for promotion or detention. (8) Genuine

(2) The basis of promotion should be day-to-day work of students and not their performance in the annual examination where their work is expressed in three hours only. (3) The scope of promotion should not only include students’ academic performance but also their attitudes, values, interests, punctuality, honesty, social behaviour, emotional maturity, cleanliness, co-operation, skill development etc. i.e., all-round development of students should be the focus of promotions.

(4) Rules and criteria of promotion should be applied to all students uniformly. (5) Students should be evaluated in a fair and objective manner. Constructive feedback should be given to them periodically so as to enable them to improve their performance. No student should be labelled as “hopeless”. (6) Frequent PTA meetings should be conducted and parents should be informed about their child’s progress, strengths and weaknesses from time-to-time.

Parents and teachers should together make attempts at children’s improvement and development. The news of their child’s failure should not come to them as a bolt from the blue. (7) Parents should be given complete explanations concerning the validity of criteria used for promotion or detention. (8) Genuine cases of illness of a student or other adverse conditions leading to absence from the school should be given due consideration while deciding about his/her promotion.


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