What is a vocaloid?  

Vocaloid is a Yamaha Corporation production software that produces the sound of human singing.

Music compositions and lyrics are inserted on the editors screen according to the desired singing and music accompaniment. The singing sound is taken from the “sound library” which contains the sampling of sound recording from the real singer. Song lyrics are sung in English, Korean or Japanese.  This software was first released Yamaha on February 26, 2003. Techniques used are Connecting and Shaping Articulation Songs with Frequency Domain (Frequency-Domain Singing Articulation Splicing and Shaping).

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Sampling sound recording of professional singers processed by frequency domain method. The results are incorporated into the “articulation of singing” database containing sound cuts and singing techniques.

Uniquely, this Vocaloid there is a singing character with his own mascot ?  

Vocaloid 1: 


  • Leon (man, Soul flow, English, Zero-G) 

  • Lola (female, Soul flow, English, Zero-G) 

  • Miriam (woman, English, Zero-G,) Model: Miriam Stockley who sings Adiemus album series 

  • MEIKO (woman, Japanese, Crypton Future Media), Model: Meiko Haigo, stream: pop, rock, jazz, R & B, children’s song.;

  • KAITO (male, Japanese, Crypton Future Media) Model: Naoto Fuga, flow: pop and all kinds of music, especially children’s songs. 

  • Sweet Ann (woman, English, PowerFX) 

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