s a special joy in

There’s a special joy in my heart this ChristmasAs I bow down and quietly pray,Giving thanks to our heavenly Father for hisPrecious son, born on this day. Baby Jesus, a gift to us so long ago in a village quiteHumble and smallNow centuries later we know in our heartsHe was the greatest gift of them all. While we try every day to live by his words,By following the Golden rule,We celebrate his birth in a myriad of ways Being loving in all that we do. We go to our churches and hear choirs sing,The children’s voices so sweet and so clear,We listen to stories, so often retold of the magi,The shepherds and a baby so dear We celebrate with parties where families gather round,Help the needy wherever we can,Sharing our abundance, promising to live by Jesus’Long, eternal plan.

 So, we set aside this special time, when we rejoiceIn this holy birth,Our hop for all things good and true, our lastingJ prayer for peace on earth.

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