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EdwardSnowden, in complete Edward Joseph Snowden, (born on June 21, 1983, Elizabethcity, North Carolina, U.

S.), was an American intelligence contractor who wassupposed to preserve secrets and techniques as a technical contractor at theNSA which he observed invasive and disturbing. Snowden’s job was at the NSA’slocal cryptological centre (the Central Security Service) on the primary islandof Oahu, close to Honolulu.

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He was still a Dell contractor, working at one ofthe 13 NSA hubs committed to spying on foreign interests, specifically theChinese.  His position with Booz AllenHamilton granted him get access to lists of machines all over the world thatthe NSA hacked.Revealingthe existence of secret wide-ranging information-gathering programs conductedby the NSA that ranged from collections of the phone records of tens ofhundreds of thousands of its personal residents to bugging overseas embassiesaround the world, Snowden himself has defined it as ‘the biggest software ofsuspicion-less surveillance in human history’. The statistics purloined byEdward Snowden about NSA activities is among the most significant leaks inAmerican political history.

The Guardianand The Washington Post released Snowden’s leaked data on PRISM, an NSAprogram that permits real-time information collection electronically from the world’s leading technologycompanies and it additionally disclosed the Foreign Intelligence SurveillanceCourt issued an order that required Verizon to release information to the NSAon an “ongoing, daily basis” culled from its American customerstelephone activities to the previously undisclosed programme, Prism. The Guardianalso reported, the N.S.

A. collected  ninety-seven billion portions of informationfrom computer networks internationally, and three billion of those portionscame from U.S.-primarily based networks.

And in the later months, there havebeen numerous revelations about the NSA surveillance program, to name a few, Britain’s version of the NSA tapsfibre optic cables around the world, spying on foreign countries and worldleaders, NSA cracks Google and Yahoo data centre links.    


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