We by bus. There was a big tent.

We reached Ferozeshah Kotla Ground at 6.00 P.M.

by bus. There was a big tent. It was beautifully decorated and tastefully illuminated.

A circus band was playing music. Loudspeakers were blaring popular film songs to attract people. There were long queues at each booking window. Tickets were being sold like hot cakes. We were spared the ordeal of standing in a queue.

We had reserved our tickets in advance. The circus show was to start at 6.30 P.M. All the seats in the circus were occupied well before that time. We heard the roar of the lion and the trumpet of the elephants.

The arena where the show was to be staged was in the middle of the tent. A few clowns could be seen moving about in the arena and making strange gestures to make the people laugh. At 6.30 P.

M. the show started. A few smartly dressed gymnasts si wed us their wonderful feats. Some dancing girls wearing mini-skirts joined them and performed beautiful dances. A girl danced on the steel wire. She balanced her body with an umbrella. The arena was lit with lights of different colours. These colours were pleasing to the eye.

Suddenly, a few smartly dressed boys and girls appeared. They entertained the people with awe-inspiring feats on the swings. Some of the feats were really dangerous. The audience applauded each such feat by clapping. Thereafter, some funny-looking clowns came. Everybody had a hearty laugh at their tricks. After the clowns left the arena, there was an announcement of an interval of ten minutes.

We hurriedly came out of the tent and had tea with snacks from one of the stalls. We then came back to our seats to watch the rest of the programme. Now, six horses with riders on their backs entered the arena. The riders stood on the fast running horses. These horses then jumped through a ring of fire.

A beautiful woman came and stood near a wooden plank. A man began throwing daggers at her. We were terrified that a dagger might hurt her. But she was not hurt at all. The man, throwing the daggers, was full of confidence that none would hurt her. This was followed by a dare-devil feat of a motor cyclist. He drove his motor cycle at full speed in the circular well of death.

The spectators gave him a big hand. Two big elephants now entered the arena. They first saluted the audience with their trunks. Thereafter, they stood on their hind legs and danced.

Last of all, two lions and one tiger were brought in a cage to the arena. The doors of the cage were opened. The ringmaster cracked his big whip.

The beasts were frightened. They performed feats at his command. The ringmaster went to the extent of putting his head into the mouth of a lion. The lion did him no harm.

It was really a very daring act. The show came to an end at 9.30 P.M. We came back to our homes by bus. I was greatly thrilled by this circus show.


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