Objectives several strategic alternatives which include the

Objectives are elaborated by strategies that become action commitments through which the mission of an organization is fulfilled. Strategies determine the basic long-term goals of an institution and help to adopt a course of action along with the allocation of resource* required for accomplishing such goals. They are designed by the top management of an institution and come to be as a result of strategic planning.

An educational manager’s task is to match the strengths and weaknesses of an institution with external opportunities and strengths and on this basis, select one of the several strategic alternatives which include the following: (1) Stable Growth:Which includes continuing to serve the same type of students, pursuing the same or a similar level of objectives, offer the same or almost similar curriculum and so forth? (2) Growth:Which refers to significantly increasing the level of objectives sought and/or increasing the number of optional subjects offered or increasing/changing the media of instruction, increasing the number of classes/divisions/courses etc? (3) Retrenchment:Which includes reducing significant the level of objectives sought and/or the number of service sectors served. (4) Ego-gratification Strategy:Which creates an enhanced image of subordinate’s self-importance as well as includes physical aspects such as having better infrastructure, well-painted and decorated building, staff-room and office and use of status symbols? (5) Power-generation Strategy:Refers to enhancing the power available to a manager. Here, the manager may develop a style whereby all decisions are taken by her along and she avoids delegation. She controls information to enhance her own image. Fear complex also gets included in power generation strategy.

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(6) Job Strategy:Which constitutes a person’s attitude towards his job, importance given to certain activities and tasks, attempts at improving his career through additional qualifications, training programmes or frequent changing of jobs? (7) Combination of Strategies:Refers to simultaneously pursuing two or more of the preceding strategies in an institution.


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