Furthermore, others and disregarding of individuals’ rights and

Furthermore, Islam allows and gives opportunity to all people to investigate and make inquiries in Islam. English John Dion Port writes: Islam has never interfered in the principles of beliefs of any religion, and has never punished anyone due to the guilt of changing religion.

It has never arranged court of inquisition of beliefs and has not believed in imposing its religious beliefs to the others. 3. Respecting life and existence value of man: Verse 33 of The Night Journey indicates this matter: And slay not the soul God has forbidden, except by right. 4. Preserving and settling public security: in the community and preventing any aggression to the limits of others and disregarding of individuals’ rights and in general any damage to the repute of others, either Moslem or non- Moslem. This is the recompense of those who fight against God and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there.

5. Worldly outlook and deep attitudes of Islamic international law regarding freedom: It should be within the frame of law, conditionally and lawful so that society does not go out of moderation and it does not result in morality and belief corruption. 6.

Justice and firmness of Islamic regulations: They are created according to the man’s nature, and are based on justice, fairness and forgiveness, which are the man’s innate needs. Second Caliph in the conquest of Jerusalem instructed, “Nobody should be injured”. But Christians carried out genocide of Moslems and burnt the Jews in the fire in the Crusades.9 7. Establishment and formation of a government based on the real democracy: The government which is based on revelation, consultant, admonition, bid to good and forbid of wrong, describes the correct path and method of life and the manner of fulfilling all man’s needs and guides him towards a prosperous life.


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