3. never hesitate to correct them should

3. The editorial writer should never be motivated by personal interest, nor use his influence to seek special favours for himself or others. He should hold himself above any possible taint of corruption, whatever its source. 4. The editorial writer should realise that he is not infallible; therefore, so far as it is in his power, he should give a voice to those who disagree with him in a public letter column and by other suitable devices. 5. The editorial writer should regularly review his own conclusions in the light of obtainable information.

He should never hesitate to correct them should he find them to be based on previous mis-conceptions. 6. The editorial writer should have courage of well founded conviction and a democratic philosophy of life.

He should never write or publish anything that goes against his conscience. Many editorial pages are the product of more than one mind, however, and sound collective judgement can be achieved only through sound individual judgments. Therefore thoughtful individual opinions should be respected.

7. The editorial writer should support his colleagues in their adherence to the highest standard of professional integrity. His reputation is their reputation and theirs is his. For example some editorials are given here which have appeared in our national dailies like Hindustan Times and Pioneer.


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