Objectives human resources in the organisation. 2.

ObjectivesThe objectives of HR audit are: 1. To review the whole system of management programmes in which a management develops, allocates and supervises human resources in an organisation with a view to determining the effectiveness of these programmes. In other words, HR audit reviews the system of acquiring, developing, allocating and utilising human resources in the organisation. 2. To evaluate the extent to which line managers have implemented the policies and programmes initiated by top management and the HR department.

3. To review the HR system in comparison with other organisations and modify them to meet the challenges of human resource management. 4. To locate the gaps, lapses, shortcomings in the implementation of the policies, procedures, practices, directives of the HR department and to know the areas where non implementation and or wrong implementation has hindered the planned programmes and activities.

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5. To find out the effectiveness of various HR policies and practices. 6. To evaluate the HR staff. 7. To seek answers to such questions as “what happened?” “Why did it happen?” or “why did it not happen?” in following implementing policies, practices and directives in managing human resources.


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