7. with e-customer satisfaction thus H1 is supported


Hypothesis TestingBelow figure-II demonstrate the effect model of e-commerce service quality on e-trust, e-satisfaction and e-loyalty. This model represents four dimensions of E-commerce service quality-efficiency measured by three indicators, user friendliness by four indicators, personal need by three indicators and site organization by four indicators. E-satisfaction, E-trust and E-loyalty by five indicators each.  Figure-IIThe results of various hypotheses constructed are presented in Table IVDescription Estimate p valuesPersonal need ? internet banking service quality .599 .

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000Site organization?internet banking service quality .742 .000User friendliness?internet banking service quality .653 .000Efficiency of website?internet banking service quality .788 .

000e-Customer satisfaction?internet banking service quality .785 .000e-Customer loyalty?e-customer satisfaction .763 .

000e-Customer trust?internet banking service quality .650 .000e-Customer loyalty?internet banking service quality .

751 .000e-Customer trust?e-Customer satisfaction .602 .000  Table IVThe regression coefficient shows that the efficiency of website 0.788 is most factor impacting e-commerce service quality followed by site organization 0.742 then user friendliness 0.

652 and lastly personal need 0.599 respectively.The results show that e-commerce service quality has a positive relationship with e-customer satisfaction thus H1 is supported (Muslim Amim, 2014). There is positive relationship between e-commerce service quality on e-customer trust, thus H2 is supported .There is also a positive relationship between e-commerce service quality on e-customer loyalty, thus, H3 is supported contrary to result of Muslim Amim, 2014.

There is a positive relationship between e-customer satisfaction and e-loyalty thus, H4 is supported. The impact of customer trust found to have positive relation on e-customer loyalty, thus H5 is supported. Result for impact of e-satisfaction found to have positive relation with e-trust, consistent with that of Dina Ribbink (2004).


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