According Group Interview: A group interview should

According to Goode and Hate various types of interviews are given below:

1. Diagnostic Interview:

It informs the researcher to collect Information’s about his past history, family relations and personal adjustment problem.

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2. Clinical Interview:

After a diagnosis it introduces the patient to therapy.

3. Research Interview:

The investigator attempts to collect relative information for solving his problems of historical, experimental, survey or clinical type.

4. Group Interview:

A group interview should consist of some sociable, intellectual and educated persons from whom effective information will be collected.


Direct Interview:

It is structured. A set of closed type questions is prepared for it. 6.

Non-directive: It includes the questions of the open-end form and the researcher talks freely about the problem under-study.

7. Focused Interview:

It aims at active responses from the respondents on a specific event. They point out, generally, the interview conducted by a researcher may be different in its structure but its sole aim is to collect information from the respondents for this project taken for study. Advantages of the Process of Interview: 1. A researcher becomes more able in drawing more response from the subject. In the questionnaire the only answer to the question is required. Sometimes the respondent is unable to answer due to misunderstanding the matter.

Thus in interview, if the respondent is not able to answer a particular question, the researcher also asks other questions related to the asked question for its answer. Thus through interview he gets more response. 2.

The interviewer tries his best to establish good rapport with the interviewee. There will be no doubt arises if he takes attempt to solve them in very understanding way. 3. Before going to collect information the interviewer talks in a friendly way to draw attention of the candidate.


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