2. of the Islamic nation and try

2. For inhabiting and flourishing of cities, villages, ways, public places, digging wells, reclamation of lands, and paying attention to the labour of farmers, Imam Ali A.S. instructed to Malek Ashtar: you should be always informed about the situation of farmers and those who pay land tax, and try to improve their situation.

You should be always concerned with inhabitation, not receiving land tax. Land tax and increase of the Treasury of Moslems is not possible except by inhabitation and agricultural development. 3. Publication, generalization and invitation to the culture of Islam are the most fundamental duties of the Islamic government, and for more awareness and familiarity of the Moslems about Islamic sciences, the missionaries were sent around.

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4. He recommended supervision on the health of people and moral growth of the society and creating a safe and positive environment based on the Islamic instructions and ordinances. Because the more environments are tainted, its members are more misled and deviated. Opposition with moral and social sins was only possible through fulfilment and observance of divine regulations and boundaries. 5.

Providing better facilities for the welfare of society: The Islamic government is bound to find the material and spiritual needs of the Islamic nation and try to fulfil these needs by using social and moral ordinances, and arranging economical system, while generalizing and guaranteeing the facilities of life. 6. Providing freedom and social justice: Freedom and independence in any action is conditioned to non- aggression to the freedom of others. Islam prescribes freedom based on law, and introduces liberty as one of the great graces of creation for men so that no one should impose his unreasonable opinion to the others.

Property, repute and legal expectation of anybody would be preserved under the grace of legal and conditional freedom and social justice. 7. Public responsibilities in establishment of a safe government: All people of the Islamic nation are responsible in the establishment of an Islamic government and are bound to cooperate as much as possible. And on the other hand, according to the implicit instruction of Islam: They should directly supervise on the government and prevent each other from any possible deviation. They should help in improvement of situation of government through useful reminding’s, so that altogether share and participate in the establishment of a safe government and dynamic society.


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