Thus, and communication. vi. Provision of facilities and

Thus, organization as a function of management is concerned with the following aspects: i.

Identifying and grouping of work and activities. ii. Assigning these activities to appropriate departments, sections and individuals. iii. Defining responsibility. iv. Providing authority, delegation, accountability. v.

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Ensuring co-ordination and communication. vi. Provision of facilities and equipment.

vii. Establishing structural relationships. In other words, the process of organization is concerned with the work, the people and the authority-responsibility relationship.

Organization is aimed at generating effective group action towards predetermined objectives. An appropriate structuring, functioning and performance of an institution i.e., organizing, depends on a clear understanding of its objectives and strategies. Organization is concerned with a clear division of work, allocating duties, responsibilities and accountability and defining power at each position in the organization chart.

Co-ordination and integration ensure unity of action and elimination of duplication of work. The organization process in an educational institution may be said to be effective if: (a) It enables the institution to maximize its outputs and optimum utilization of resources through an efficient man-technology-machine system. (b) It ensures a smooth and effective network of procuring, processing and disseminating information and communication. (c) It offers meaningful jobs and education to teachers and students respectively, ensures satisfaction with the institution in both these groups and brings about a balance between mechanistic and humanistic approaches.

(d) It creates, maintains and enhances it own image or individuality.


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