7. protect the child. Turing a child under


There is different car seats for every age of a child. For a 3 year old a child should always be rear-facing, which means there face should be to the back not facing the front. Rear-facing helps to protect the child.

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Turing a child under 3 years can be effective because it can result the head, neck and spinal cord to be injured and especially if someone crashes and makes a bad stop. Children can be injured if they are not rear-facing because there head and spinal cord, and there bones are still developing. It keeps childrens more safe being a rear-facing at an young age, it prevents things from happening to them especially an accident. They won’t get hurt in rear-facing in an accident. For 11 months who weighs 27 pounds should also sit in a car-seat that’s rear-facing. Parents should also use a stroller.

Children under 1 year should always have someone sitting in the back with them while they are faced backwards because it’s less dangerous. Also 11 months should sit in a car seat that rear-facing. 8.

Infants and toddlers have the highest rate of unintentional injury because they are more excited and they don’t understand the danger and cause. Unintentional injuries are causing a lot of death for children in the US. A lot of infants are shown in the emergency department for an unintentional injury with injuries varying according to child’s development stage. This injuries are happening because children don’t understand how things are working out. Traumatic brain injury was one of the highest in 3 month of children infants and the lowest age was 12 months old infants.

9. There is three types of burns, first, second and third degree. The first degree is not as harmless as the others and this can occur when someone stays out in the sun a lot of touching something really hot. When someone gets burned by the first degree it leaves a pink or red color on the skin and the pain is tense because it touches the first layer of the skin, which its sensitive. The first degree can go away but cleaning it with water. For the pain, use a lotion or ointment like aloe vera to keep it from returning comfort.

The second degree is burns the first and second layer of your skin. This stage is usually caused by flames, sunburn, electricity, chemicals etc. Just like the first degree, the second degree also leaves a red skin and this time blistering is involved. In this stage pain is involved. To treat this stage, you should warm with water and it’ll take couple minutes to reduce the pain and the swelling. Lastly, the third stage, burns all the layers in the skin, it also affects the deepest layer of the skin which is the reticular dermis.

This stage is caused by flames from a fire, electrical source, skin that comes in contact with hot object etc. The third stage leaves a white, black, brown and yellowish mark that gets deeper, it also keeps the skin dry. It gives a lack of pain because it has been destroyed to the deepest layer. When someone is burned in the stage, they should be taken to the hospital immediately. It needs medicines in order for it to be healed.

10. Families can encourage there children to eat healthy and tell them that when they grow up they will be able to live longer and they will have more flexible life. They should tell them that eating healthy makes them stronger. Families should also give there children only healthy food so children can get used to them.


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