Families with lower  socioeconomic groups and in rural also known as country areas, usually they are larger than those in the middle or upper classes and in cities. In addition, some women in lower-income groups have several children by different men, known as baby daddies.

The dads  refer to these women as baby mamas this can be common for the (“wives” or “girlfriends”) and are generally expected to provide financial support for children they dads. Fathers who do not support their children face social disapproval. Although baby mothers are common, many women prefer the social approval that comes with being married to their children’s father.

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It is becoming more common for both men and women to have more than one relationship, though it is considered more acceptable for men than it is for women. Having children prior to marriage is common.In rural areas, extended families often live together, and child rearing tends to be a collective endeavor. Rural homes often lack fathers, who are forced to live away from their families in order to find the work necessary to support them.

In these cases, the oldest child (whether male or female) often takes on the role of an authority figure, as do adults in the extended family and in the neighborhoodParents are expected to ensure their children’s general well-being and access to education. Children are expected to offer their parents respect and assist in household duties. From a young age, around nine years old, they begin helping with the cleaning and laundry.

Girls also help with cooking.Grown children typically live with their parents until marriage or until they are able to save enough to afford a place on their own, since housing is generally expensive. Adult children strive to ensure the comfort of their aging parents. Many take pride in providing them with material support, even purchasing them a home if they were never able to buy one themselves. As parents become unable to care for themselves, an adult child takes them in, though rest homes accommodate those whose children live abroad. 


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