Intensive care units
have been using echocardiography to rule out any heart disease with a quick
portable imaging tool. Using this bedside tool helps doctors diagnose and
determine treatment for the patient. There have been multiple studies to show
the effectiveness of echocardiography being done in the ICU. According to Glen,
Bruemmer- Smith, and Greenway who researched a study it showed that, “Seventy-five
scans (74%) revealed previously undiagnosed pathology, which was considered
serious in 30 (30%) cases” (Glen, Bruemmer- Smith, and Greenway 2013). In
reality, the only people who receive an echocardiography already have known
heart disease or have a family history. Patients who are in intensive care
units need all the help they can receive to get well. As stated by Vieillard-
Baron, Slama, and Cholley, “Doppler echocardiography allows detailed evaluation
of hemodynamics to rapidly identify the mechanisms of circulatory failure”
(Vieillard- Baron, Slama, and Cholley 2008). Using echocardiography can determine
a lot of things very fast for doctors to decide treatment and patients to
regain health. 


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