s one of the greatest

Europe’s one of the greatest achievements is created Kantian peace, in the world where was only war and devastation.

European Union remains one of the most inspiring political projects in global world with its common political structure rooted in human rights , rule of law and values. Nevertheless, common identity still remains unfinished business, which requires a lot of attention. European identity has been a research topic of European Commission since 1990s. It has created many different projects to boost formation of collective European identity. According to a policy review by EU Commision there are several dimensions for the expression of Europeanidentity are:Multiple social identities and biographical identity;• Transnational intimate relationships;• Collective action;• Standardization and regulation;• Cultural production;• Intercultural translation;• Inclusion/Exclusion;• Structural conditions and opportunity structures;• The public sphere and state-regulated institutions.Here are some projects covered in the review by European Commision CRIC (Identity and Conflict.

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Cultural heritage and the re-construction of identities after conflict);ELDIA (European Language Diversity for All: Reconceptualising, promoting and re-evaluating individual and societal multilingualism);ENRI-East (Interplay of European, national and regional identities: nations between states along the new eastern borders of the European Union);EuNaMus (European national museums: Identity politics, the uses of the past and the European citizen);EuroBroadMap (The European Union and the world seen from abroad);EURO-FESTIVAL (Art festivals and the European public culture);EUROIDENTITIES (The evolution of European identity: using biographical methods to study the development of European identity);LINEE (Languages in a network of European excellence);MEDIA (Transnational television cultures reshaping political identity in the European Union);RECON (Reconstituting democracy in Europe).


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