this book The Author considered so many problems which are most common one in
today’s projects. Primarily it starts by targeting the issues related with Time
estimates, also explains about Theory of constraints by using example
implementing in steel mill and also show how this constraints will be used to
schedule resources, resource constraints, and on multiple projects.

that, Budget and Time overrunning are most common problems in today’s scenario.
Theory of constraints are enumerated in 5 principle steps they are

Identifying the bottleneck or constraints of the system

Scheduling the sequence of work by exploiting to make sure
the constraint is running full time.

To keep the constraints running at maximum capacity provide
buffer to all other processes by subordinating.

Adding resources by this shorten the critical chain and also
improving process along.

Repeat all the steps like cycling process to figuring out
new bottlenecks and also for resolving.

reduce uncertainty in projects for each and every step we have to add safety.
Present method for estimating task time is the main reason for increasing
expenditure for projects. By adding safety to each step, it guarantees that
project will complete within time.


ensures that on critical path resource bottleneck producing most extent and
stay focused. It ensures that resources have to work on assigned processes and
they should be ready for own any worktime. Keeping multiple projects in correct
order, leads to project success. Organizations have to develop prioritizing
scheme for the resources by that way they utilize common resources for parallel

book comes to end by introducing a concept of selecting which project for
execution and also based on investment in terms of money-days. It’s a product
of investment and duration. By using this money-days concept project managers
will evaluate projects better with this indicator.



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