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on June 29, 2003 Malaysia has set up a national training program (PLKN) which aims to enhance the spirit of patriotism in adolescents and foster unity among the races because we know Malaysia is famous for its various races such as chinese, indian, malay and others and this program also just chooses students who are just finishing their studies from high school. In addition, in the national training program (PLKN) the trainers will also teach and form youth to create their positive character through pure values that will be trained in the program. The program also helps produce more active, healthier, intelligent and full-grown youths to navigate the outside world. Since the establishment of this program, young people in Malaysia have been able to spark their voluntary spirit by engaging in charitable work organized by PLKN as an example of helping victims of natural disasters. However, recently we were surprised by the news of the termination of the program and raised concerns and this would affect future teens. firstly , the one of impact that we can see to our teenagers is teenager will rebel as we know this program is set up to form discipline and high school leavers identity with disciplinary problems in schools using military methods.

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but after the termination of the program there will be no agency that will take care of teenagers in Malaysia. This will cause teenagers in Malaysia to be wild and hard to conceive and cause vandalism, free association, cultural shock and others. this problem will affect the quality of the country and change the positive perception of foreign countries against Malaysia The second impression of this national training program(PLKN) is the loss of patriotism in adolescents. This is because the education system in the school is not the same as the system used by the national service program (PLKN)) which is more pressing towards patriotism and this shows a huge difference with a school system that less emphasizes the generation of nation-loving . as we see today the ministries of learning less emphasize on subjects that involve patriotism such as historical subjects and this makes teens take easy action on this subject.

in adolescents, will also spend more time with something worthless after they finish schooling like hanging out with friends Last but not least , The next effect is the rise in unemployment rates as usually adolescents who have completed secondary school education are less interested in pursuit of their studies because of the lack of motivation of the people to pursue their studies and this will cause rising future unemployment to rise due to the absence of official certificates from universities showing them proficient in something field. This is because after the national service program) is terminated there is no more agency that will help them find their specific interests as well as motivate or open their eyes and awareness about the advantages of certificates to be given from universities or colleges to their future. This impact is also due to the free association and interest in social media that will make the youth feel lazy to pursue their studies. In conclusion, national service programs are very effective in transforming or correcting the future of adolescents and improving the quality of life of the people in Malaysia. we as Malaysians should unanimously support the termination of the national service program (PLKN) that need to be cancelled so as to save the teenagers future from unemployment and other impacts discussed above or the government needs to find another way to replace this program such as creating a new program whose system is the same as the system used in the national service program (PLKN)


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