She homeless. Moreover, many so-called religious leaders and

She came to India as a bore to Nun in 1929 and decided to work in Calcutta. She started her work as a teacher in St. Mary’s School there. Soon she became very popular among her students for her love, learning, compassion and devotion to the cause of education of the young.

It was in 1931 that she came to be called ‘Teresa’. Consequently, she became the principal of the school, but ultimately she resigned from the post and plunged herself to serve the whole suffering humanity. The school was too small a place for her all-encompassing love and compassion. She is a devout Christian, but the teachings of She. Ramakrishna and Mahatma Gandhi have been a great influence on her life and missionary career. In the beginning she was all alone, resource less and homeless. Moreover, many so-called religious leaders and social reformers turned hostile to her work and life.

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They even threatened her, but she was neither afraid nor did resist them. Her firm but polite pleadings changed their misconduct into respect for her. She is all love and compassion, and believes in loving even one’s worst enemy. Actually, she has no enemy. All her activities and life have been inspired by a vision of humanity living in peace, harmony, freedom and love. She has done a lot to improve the quality of life of the poor, and the weaker of the weakest sections of the society. She has championed their cause in a manner as no other person can do.

She is a reality, a historic figure and yet seems so remote, so ideal, so angelic and capillary to be believed. How we wish there were a few more mothers like Mother Teresa. But the best is one and the only one. Can there be two or mere Everest peaks? The whole word in general and India in particular, are very proud of her. May she live many more years to remove the sadness, gloom, suffering and privation among the poor, underprivileged and the downtrodden? Her very presence inspires people with firm faith in humanity. Her living and vibrant spirit of love and compassion is really infectious.


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