I He is a well-tested friend. Virtually we

I am really proud of him for he is not a fair weather friend. Prosperity makes friends but adversity tries them. He is a well-tested friend. Virtually we swim and sink together.

He is a frequent visitor to our house. My parents love him as they do me and my younger sister. On his last birthday they presented him an imported camera. It is said that friends are thieves of time. But he is an exception.

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He helps me in spending my time more fruitfully. In spare time we pursue common hobbies like gardening or viewing cartoon films. The only way to have a good friend is to be one. I return his friendship with equal sincerity, love and care. I never give him an opportunity to complain.

He fully enjoys my friendship and company. There is no secret between us. I also visit his house often. His parents are very affectionate and religious. His mother is a highly educated house-wife. Whenever1 visit his house, his mother offers me sweets and other eatable dishes.

She loves me like her own Rajang. Many a time she has expressed that we two are like her two eyes.’ Occasionally, she pays us a visit and then my mother is much delighted. She often brings Prasad for my mother. Rajang is the only son and child of his parents. They are reasonably rich and spare no pains or expenses to keep Rajang happy. Yet Rajang is never proud.

His habits are simple but dignified. He is healthy and handsome. He is very good conversations and also a skilled story­teller. It is fascinating to hear him tell a story. I have never seen him arguing or quarrelling with anybody. Sometimes I wonder at his many qualities of head and heart. Occasionally, we also play chess, but we are still beginners.

My father has introduced us to this intellectual and wonderful game. Ours is an ideal and lasting friendship because it is based on mutual trust and cooperation. Many students are jealous of our friendship.

Some of them have tried to create misunderstanding between us but have always failed. With the passage of time it has become more strong and abiding. We are lucky. We feel incomplete and unhappy without each other. May god bless our friendship?


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