Upon receiving Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology, many factors have influenced my decision of pursuing Masters of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. My interest was sparked by subjects such as Material & Structural Engineering subjects like Mechanics of Materials, Materials and Method of Construction, Concrete Technology I, Concrete Technology II, Structural Mechanics, Seismic Design of Structure, Steel Structure introduced to me in my fundamentals of Material & Structure Mechanics courses etc.

It further grew up when I began attending seminars presented by the Structural Engineer. I am interested in a broad range of topics including new materials, Spatial structures, FRP structure, seismic response of structures and seismic response devices would like to further my knowledge of concepts similar to these through my graduate program of study. I always have interested to solve the assignment and discussion related to these subjects.To dedicate myself into the studies of Structural Engineering (FRP material and FRP structure and Seismic response of structures, Devices) is my finest and wisest selection. I want to pursue my research in the field of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) material, their characteristics and design methods for FRP structures. I now wish to continue with my studies and FRP’s further application in today’s world because it is increasingly used in the construction of new bridges and strengthening of existing structurally deficient bridge structures. Now the question is: why are traditional materials being replaced by FRP materials? We will get so many answers to this question from different sources but I want to learn practically.

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I am particularly interested in pursuing research work in the field of usage of FRP composites for designing structures for seismic loading. I wish to pursue Master’s degree in Structural Engineering through this program as it allows me to affiliate my interest in this field, gain new knowledge from various domains and then apply them in my career positively. It is my goal to use my expertise to provide innovation and face the real-world challenges.


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