Quality the raw materials involved in production process

Quality is dual: on the one hand it serves to identify the article and on the other, it is equivalent to the degree of perfection. It is not absolute and can only be judged or realized by comparison with some pre-determined standard(s). When such a standard(s) has (have) been specified, then the quality of the product can be described as “better or worse” or “higher or lower” than the established quality specification(s). In other words, quality is a variable and, when the permissible limits of variability have been stated, quality can be adequately defined for all practical purposes. Factors Affecting Quality: The factors affecting quality are: 1. Money 2. Materials 3. Management 4.

People 5. Market 6. Machines and Methods.

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1. Money:

Most important factor affecting the quality of a product is the money involved in the production itself.

In the present day of tough and cut throat competition, companies are forced to invest a lot in maintaining the quality of products.

2. Materials:

To turn out a high quality product, the raw materials involved in production process must be of high quality.



Quality control and maintenance programmes should have the support from top management. If the management is quality conscious rather than merely quantity conscious, organisation can maintain adequate quality of products.



People employed in production, in designing the products must have knowledge and experience in their respective areas.

5. Market:

Market for the product must exist before quality of the product is emphasized by management.

It is useless to talk about the quality when the market for the product is lacking. For example, there is no demand for woolen garments in the hot climates (e.g., Southern part of India).

6. Machines and Methods:

To maintain high standards of quality, companies are investing in new machines and following new procedures and methods these days.


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