The codification are: 1. To bring together

The codification process could be obtained by the nature of items in grouping all items of the same metal content, say ferrous, non-ferrous etc. The system of codification could be built by the end use of items, that is, items grouped according to maintenance, spinning, weaving, packing, foundry, machine shop etc. The codification could be thought of on the basis of source of purchasing where items obtained from one source of purchasing are grouped together and given codes. The codification could also be built on the basis of alphabetical listing.

Objectives of Stores Codifications:

Objectives of stores codification are: 1.

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To bring together the items according to the degree of their similarity so as to reveal excessive variety — automatically assisting in the process of variety reduction, standardization etc. 2. To make available this catalogue to all concerned in the organisation so that stores are requisitioned in unambiguous language leaving no doubt in the minds of the purchaser, vendor or inspector regarding the exact requirement. 3. To facilitate proper functioning of a store house and to locate without loss of the items stocked there in through the medium of code numbers.

4. To prepare a catalogue-nomenclature list-vocabulary indicating against each codes the complete details adequate for procurement action without confusion or ambiguity. 5. To classify and codify the items on some logical basis to suit the objectives of the organisation. 6.

To ensure that each item is kept under one unique code.


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