#57—- and assist actively in medical camps organized

#57—-A practical nurse is also supposed to evaluate effects of organizational culture on nursing practices — During my nursing career in India, I worked in two hospitals.

The hospital where I worked initially was a multi-specialty#41 hospital with more emphasis on the treatment of cancer patients. The strength of the nursing staff was quite less as compared to the number of clients and many a times we were over- burdened with the work load. Although I always wanted to provide care according to professional standards but sometimes I was not able to do the same due work load. And this type of work load used to result in less patient care and less favorable outcomes. On many occasions, my care was only a part of reactive behavior and I used to lack in providing holistic care.During my working in smaller hospital, I had sufficient time to deal with each and every client. This hospital was being managed by a single physician practicing family medicine and respiratory medicine. The other specialists used to visit the hospital as per requirement.

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The number of nurses were also enough to match the work load. As mentioned earlier, in addition to inpatient care, I used to participate and assist actively in medical camps organized for the community. #65, #78, #85 and #93—While working with inter-professional team, the practical nurse is able to identify how the values, beliefs and assumptions affect interactions among members of the team—-Sometimes the problems are so complex that one person alone is not able to provide comprehensive care. And for this, different members of the inter-professional team have to work together. Sometimes, members of the team have different values and beliefs.

The practical nurse should be able to identify these differences and being closest to the client should be able to advocate for the client and convey the client’s preferences and choices to the other members of the team so that a mutually accepted approach can be formulated. And for this a practical nurse should also be able to utilize all the advocacy resources within and outside the facility. In this way, it becomes easier to achieve the common goal, the goal of holistic welfare of the client, can be achieved.


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