In Government service is the certainty it affords

In advanced countries of the west it often happens that boys whose brains have been excited by reading tales of adventure and battle, determine to emulate the heroes of their story-books and court the dangers of a sailor’s or soldier’s career.

Some few of them perhaps remain firm to their choice; but the majority, as they grow older, reconcile themselves to the prospect of a more prosaic life than they had dreamt of in the visions of their boy­hood, and become Government servants, merchants, lawyers, doctors or clergymen. A similar choice of professions is open to educated Indians, except that here the priesthood depends on birth rather than on choice. Of these professions, Government service is so varied, that its different branches afford employment for all kinds of talents. The young man who is fond of literature and has the patience nec­essary for the management of boys, can enter the Educational Department. Another by showing in boyhood ingenuity in the construction of playthings and mechanical contrivances, may give evidences that he is likely to succeed in the Department of Public Works. A third may be marked out by his skill in the management of figures as likely to do good service under the Accountant- General. The chief recommendation of Government service is the certainty it affords of a regular salary followed by a pension. Government servants are seldom thrown out of employment except by their own misconduct, and in the few cases in which they lose their places by the retrenchment of a department, they get sub­stantial compensation.

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But the salaries of Government appoint­ments. Though they afford a more regular and certain income than other professions, are nevertheless not very large, and pro­motion in the various departments of Government service is usu­ally slow. Hence Government service is no longer attractive and other avenues are now open to the rising generation. The Five Year Plans have opened new vistas to young Indians and all the pro­fessions are inviting them with outstretched arms.

They can now choose to become what they wish to become, according to their talents and abilities. The opening of new colleges, universities and post-graduate institutions have made the choice of a profession far easier. Today our young men can compete and succeed in the roles of a social scientist, a Nobel Prize Winner, a physicist, an atomic energy expert and the like. The opportunities afforded by the nation’s Five Year Plans are many and enticing. Our young men should endeavour to rise to the occasion and Mother India is beckoning to them to greatness and fame.


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