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I take the enjoyable task of making presents in a very rational way. I would like to present a set of books on gardening or home decoration to my sister. She is very fond of plants and flowers and likes to spend a good deal of her time in arranging them in the various rooms. I know nothing would please her more than a thing which will give her an opportunity to pursue her hobby better. It is always better to take into consideration what one needs and like.

Presents given with this consideration are always loved and enjoyed. A thing of utility will make a wonderful present to a friend. A watch or a camera, if he does not have one, will be all right but my friend has both these things. Let me think a little more about his needs. Yes, I have got it. He is recently married and he is setting up his home.

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A good tea, coffee or dinner-set will be something he will love to have and use. So it is now fixed. I would like to give him a good tea-set because I find that a good dinner- set will be quite expensive. For a relative, the present should be of small value but glam­orous.

A fine purse or a table lamp, a nice picture or a necktie should be alright. As I do not know the needs or likes of a relative, I would like to present such a thing as will not be dis­carded even though he might be having a number of them al­ready. But I would like to make my presents suit the occasions also.

If I were to make a present on the occasion of a birthday or marriage, I would take into consideration the need and the like of the person to whom the present is being made. But if, on the other hand, the occasion is a house-warming party or on the other hand, the occasion is a house-warming party or the birth of a son to a friend of mine, I would have to think a little more. For a house-warming party, an electric kettle or a carpet or a piece of furniture will make a wonderful present. Similarly on the occasion of the birth of a son, I would like to present a feeding set or a blanket or a suit of clothes for the newborn. And if it is the birthday of a friend’s child, the best thing would be to present a toy or a ball or a box of sweets-toffees, biscuits or fruiters. If the boy or girl is a little grown up, I would present a meccano set or a set of story books or a tricycle or any thing of the “make it yourself” type. On a festival, nothing pleases my heart more than making a present of sweets.


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